Crimes for violating the Cannabis Control Law “Dragon Ash” members bail August 14, 20:27

The Tokyo District Court decided to allow bail for two members of the popular rock band “Dragon Ash” charged with violating the Cannabis Control Law.

Defendant Kensuke Kaneko (33), a member of “Dragon Ash” who is in charge of the base under the name “KenKen”, was released on custody from the detained Metropolitan Police Department headquarters at 7:00 pm on the 14th.

A car carrying Defendant Kaneko came out from the Metropolitan Police Department headquarters, but the Defendant sat in the back seat of the car and stared in front.

Defendant Mac Farden Jesse Solato (39), the son of guitarist Char and a musician under the name of JESSE, was released on bail from the Tokyo Bay Police Department at around 5:30 pm .

During the bail, Defendant Jesse went to the press and said, “I was very sorry for the inconvenience this time.”

They were charged on 9th of September this month for violating the Cannabis Control Law, assuming they had cannabis at their home last month. In response to a request for bail from an attorney, the Tokyo District Court decided to approve it, and paid 2.5 million yen each.

In response to investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department, Defendant Kaneko stated that “I knew that it was cannabis. It was my own,” and Defendant Jesse stated that “Cannabis was mine.”