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ASAP Rocky: This has happened


ASAP Rocky has been detained since July 5. He was arrested after a gig in Stockholm on July 2. On July 25, the Prosecutor decided to bring charges against the artist.

This has happened since ASAP Rocky was arrested on July 2:

  • July 1 The American pleasure site TMZ publishes a clip where you see how ASAP Rocky and a number of other people throw a guy in the ground and then aim kicks at him.

  • July 2 ASAP Rocky posts "counter clips" on his Instagram account where he shows that the person who was beaten and another guy is following him. In the evening, ASAP Rocky performs at the Smash festival in Stockholm and is then arrested, suspected of serious abuse.

  • July 3 and 4 The artist's scheduled gigs in Norway and Poland will be canceled.

  • July 5 ASAP Rocky is arrested, the degree of suspicion is written down from serious abuse to abuse. "There is a risk that he will deviate freely or otherwise escape prosecution or punishment," the district court writes in the decision.

  • ASAP Rocky's lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja appeals for arrest to the High Court and gets rejected, whereupon he appeals to the Supreme Court and gets rejected again.

  • TMZ reports that the artist is being held captive under distressing conditions. Something he himself later denies via his lawyer. Several artists assume that they will boycott Sweden in the future because of ASAP Rocky's fall. Tyga sets up a gig in Gothenburg.

  • July 11 All Christmas plays are set. Before the Stockholm visit, twelve concerts were scheduled in July.

  • July 12 Margot Wallström has spoken out since the former US ambassador and a US congressman criticized the arrest.

  • July 13 The artist changes defense lawyer to Slobodan Jovicic.

  • July 19 The prosecutor requests extended prosecution time until Thursday, July 25.

  • July 20 US President Donald Trump writes on Twitter that he is having quick talks with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven about ASAP Rocky. Löfven confirms that conversations have taken place. Trump writes that he offered to pay the bail for the artist - something that is not possible within the Swedish legal system.

  • July 22 The suspicions against the defendant in the case are closed after ASAP Rocky's bodyguard notified the police in connection with the handgun on June 30.

  • July 24 Sweden's US ambassador Karin Olofsdotter is forced to cancel the holiday to meet US congressmen.

  • July 25 Prosecutor Daniel Suneson announces that ASAP Rocky and the other two men who were detained will be prosecuted and remanded until trial.

  • July 30 The trial against ASAP Rocky and two other men in his tour company begins in Stockholm District Court. During the day, the prosecutor, the plaintiff's attorney and three defense attorneys held their petitions. The plaintiff was also questioned.

  • August 1 The second trial day takes place and you continue where you finished the first one, with interrogation with the plaintiff. ASAP Rocky and the other two defendants are also being questioned.

  • August 2 Third trial day. Two girls who were present at the incident and ASAP Rocky's bodyguard testified. After the negotiations were concluded, it was announced that ASAP Rocky and the co-accused will be released pending judgment, which will come on August 14.

  • On August 14, the judgment will be announced in Stockholm District Court.

Source: svt

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