18 people on the barbecue are isolated in the valley or "Cars are submerged" Oita, Kusucho, August 14, 22:06

According to police and the fire department, a group of 18 people who seemed to have been on a barbecue near Otani Valley in Kusu-cho, Oita Prefecture at around 4:30 pm on the 14th said, “The car is submerged and stopped moving. It is that there was a report.

This group consists of 18 men and women from the age of 42 to 5 months of age, who were divided into six cars and were unable to move because the surrounding area was submerged while moving, but then evacuated to a relatively high place. And everyone is not injured, both are safe.

The fire department is in contact with the group over the phone, so the police and the fire department continue to search.