“Midsummer Summer Ceremony” 14:21 on August 14th at the World Heritage Gifu Shirakawa Village

In Shirakawa Village, Gifu Prefecture, where the village of Gassho-zukuri is registered as a World Heritage Site, new adults who returned home in Obon gathered and the midsummer ceremony was held.

In Shirakawa Village, many young people leave the village for employment or advance to school, and since it is snowy in winter, an annual ceremony is held every year during the Bon Festival.

Sixteen new adults participated in yukata and suits at the adult ceremony held at the “Private Garden”, a tourist facility where gassho-style buildings were gathered.

At the ceremony, Shigeru Naruhara gave a congratulatory statement, "This is the first adult ceremony in Shirakawa Village. I want you to live with the pride you grew up in Shirakawa Village."

And on behalf of the new adult, the village employee, Daiki Higashiya, “I feel the warmth of the people of Shirakawa village again. Said.

After this, the new adults took pictures together and reported on the status of each other.

The man who attended the vocational school who participated in the ceremony said, “I want to be a human being who is determined to be an adult, and I want to give back because I thank my parents.” .