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"Sore throat loses baby four limbs


Behind Oliver's baby, who has not completed his first year, lies a tragedy that most parents are hard to endure.

Behind the face of baby Oliver, who has not yet completed his first year, lies a tragedy that most parents are hard to bear.

The result of sepsis in Oliver led to a tragic development of his condition, until he lost all four limbs, and could have died, doctors told his 23-year-old mother Abigail Wardel, who lives in Lincolnshire, eastern England.

Oliver's tragedy began with a seemingly minor illness. He had a sore throat but was not properly diagnosed, resulting in blood poisoning that put his life in danger.

Abigail visited a doctor on March 16 after feeling the heat of her son, and was asked to give him fluids and heat reducers, but the next day deteriorated and ended up in the recovery room.

"He quickly became very pale and inert, it wasn't as usual," Abigail said in comments published in the British newspaper Metro. "I was embracing him and groaning as if his bones were hurting.

"At this time I was just starting to give him solid food, but he didn't eat anything. He just wanted milk but he barely drank. I knew it wasn't okay, I needed to see a doctor, but I had no idea About that he could have been poisoned. "

The mother adds: "I felt that he was not well, so I brought him to the hospital, and within minutes, put him a nurse under the influence of the house."

But these were the most cruel moments for Abigail: “His hands and feet began to turn blue, and I remember I thought he might have felt cold, and asked them to warm him with some socks. We sat down with the doctor and your son told me very weak. He is connected to a number of machines, but I had no idea what his illness was. "

Then one of the nurses explained that they were not sure if he would survive, after his limbs appeared to be rotting and should be removed.

“But they kept postponing an amputation to try to save him, but I could see his body trying to get rid of them. The limbs were heavy and uncomfortable and Oliver was unhappy. Then, doctors intervened to root out the rest of the limbs that were also rotten.

"Once the limbs were removed, he was a different child. He was very happy and full of life. It seemed like a relief. Some people may feel sorry for us, but I feel more lucky mother in the world, because Oliver is still with us. , But he is still smiling. "

Source: emara

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