This holiday, the first of the group since its debut six years ago, should not last more than a few weeks ...

The k-pop kings, BTS, will make a "long break" without a concert, announced Monday their agent, and this to allow the boy band around the world to recharge the batteries.

BTS members are going to make their "official first break since their debut" six years ago, said Big Hit Entertainment, saying it would be a time for them to "recharge the batteries and renew themselves as musicians and creators ". It will also be an opportunity for them to "enjoy their daily lives as young men in their twenties," the agency said in a statement.

"If you come across BTS in an unexpected place, we ask fans to be considerate to allow members to enjoy their free time," the agency also asked.

But that the (many) fans of the group are reassured, this break should not last more than a few weeks. Because it is expected that BTS gives a concert in Saudi Arabia on October 11 ...

K-pop symbol

BTS (short for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which stands for "Boy Scouts Resistant to Bullets") is a global musical phenomenon. It is the first K-pop band to have reached the top of sales in the United States and Great Britain and has sold sold out concerts in Los Angeles, Chicago or London, or even ignited in June a Stade de France completely full.

Attractive physics, meticulously orchestrated outfits and meticulously orchestrated choreographies, the seven stars in their twenties are one of South Korea's most lucrative and well-known musical exports.

The band's close relationships with fans, self-immersing social media, videos and tweets - in both Korean and English - have helped create a global movement of millions of fans that singers call their "army". Hundreds of thousands of fans wrote on Monday on the Twitter account of the group, which has more than 21.3 million subscribers, to wish a happy holiday to its members.