Typhoon Rekima is expected to be weakened by tropical low pressure overnight.

A typhoon flows from the edges of the storm and now it's raining all over the west.

In some parts of the eastern part of Gyeonggi and Gangwon, rainy weather is getting thicker and rainy weather is falling. Tomorrow (13th), the rain will fall a little more than 40mm around Seoul Gyeonggi, Gangwon, Yeongseo, Chungnam, and Honam west coast.

The Yeongnam region was very hot today, but the temperature in the rainy areas did not rise significantly.

From tomorrow on, the hot weather will get worse. Tomorrow, Seoul's daytime temperature will be 34 degrees higher than today and the day after tomorrow will rise to 35 degrees.

Tomorrow afternoon, showers of up to 40mm will pass through inland.

The heat wave warnings are being strengthened a bit more, and heat wave warnings are issued again in many parts of the country, including Seoul.

In many places, including Seoul at night, tropical nights will continue, and midday temperatures will be a little higher than today, with temperatures rising to 34 degrees in Seoul and 36 degrees in Daegu.

In the second half of the week, it will rain mainly in the central region due to the indirect effect of the number 10 typhoon heading for Japan.

(Iejin Weather Caster)