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A historical Spanish deed, celebrated without sorrow or glory


Just over 200 men left in five ships in Seville, of which they would barely return 18 three years later. They starred in one of the greatest deeds of history to the conse

Just over 200 men left in five ships in Seville, of which they would barely return 18 three years later. They starred in one of the greatest deeds of history to get to go around the world . It was a titanic company sponsored by King Carlos at the head of the Hispanic Monarchy. It is an episode that Spain can take pride in today and take out some chest. This would undoubtedly be done by any other nation. But we are what we are, what a pity, and the acts of commemoration for the fifth centenary of that epic of Magellan and Elcano yesterday had a very low profile as if they had been responsible for the first circumnavigation of the globe or having discovered America years before they were trivial things or, what is worse, to be ashamed of, as so many songwriters intend today about the feat of Columbus .

It is a real shame that such an opportunity has been missed to have claimed with some greatness and institutional height the important role that Spain played in the transition from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age and in a few centuries, from the XV to the XVII, in those who were the greatest international power . The height of the sight that allowed the mobilization of the whole country for a matter of State was scarce, as were the costs for 92 . And the worst part is that we are not only facing a case of political neglect and lack of civic patriotism, as well. In the poor publicity and relief that the Government of Magallanes wanted to give to the Government, there is also a disclaimer and an inadmissible will not to disturb Portugal out of place and contrary to scientific rigor , as historians have been denouncing since the beginning of the year . Because, given that Magellan was born in our neighboring country - from which he was later denatured by the offenses he received from King Manuel -, the Portuguese authorities also claim this ephemeris as their own. And the Government of Sánchez , instead of dismantling the fallacy, since the return of Magallanes and Elcano was a company exclusively of the Hispanic Monarchy, last February it was agreed to baptize the feat as an "Iberian deed" since Lisbon marks the agenda of the commemorations that will take place over three years.

The foregoing has resulted in the program not being realized since the fifth centenary has passed without penalty or glory, with the sole presence yesterday in Seville of Vice President Calvo , as if the acts should not have had a great national echo and have counted on the presence of some member of the Royal Family to give it the status of a State. It is another demonstration of the complexes that the Government has with our History - with what it likes to delve into the closed wounds of the Transition -, in line with a characteristic tic from the left that ultimately endorses all the falsehoods of the Black Legend . What country of ours.

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