Arrested one of the main characters of “Manga Village” or a 37-year-old man on August 11 at 0:34

The police arrested a 37-year-old man who was said to be the central figure of the case, in which an arrest warrant was issued with a former operator who was detained in the Philippines in a violation of the copyright law over the pirated site `` Manga Village '' Did.

Arrested was unspecified, unemployed, suspected by Sadako Adachi (37).

According to the police, Adachi, along with the former operator of the pirated site “Manga Village”, Michi Hoshino, released an image file of the popular manga “ONE PIECE” in “Manga Village” There is a suspicion of violating the copyright law for infringing the rights of the published “Shueisha” so that anyone can download it.

It seems that Adachi, together with Hoshino, who was detained in the Philippines, was the central figure in a series of incidents, and had been instructing two men and women who had already been arrested.

The police took an arrest warrant and investigated the whereabouts, but at the beginning of this month, Susumu Adachi who was in the Philippines contacted the police several times that he wanted to appear, so that he returned home on the 10th I was arrested.

In response to police investigation, Adachi said, “I want to talk with my chosen lawyer if I want to talk about the case. I do n’t want to talk about it now.”

The police plan to investigate the actual situation of Hoshino suspects after they have been transferred to Japan and arrested.