After Thursday's concert in Slottsskogen in Gothenburg, Expressen published a news article entitled "Zara Larsson's position on Way out west". According to the author of the article, artist Zara Larsson's somewhat transparent upper should be a position for the so-called free the nipple movement and a "clear statement".

However, Zara Larsson herself thinks that her clothing choices had no political message and thinks the interpretation is an "unpleasant behavior". On her Instagram, she writes that she does not understand the link to the free the nipple movement, and believes that the garment's degree of transparency was definitely not a position.

"My set was an hour long and the only thing you choose to comment on and focus your entire article on is something that was definitely not a 'clear position', namely that you can see my nipples".

Expressen has now chosen to change the article. In the heading, the word "position" has been replaced by "success".

"For appearance-focused formulations"

Express's responsible publisher Klas Granström answers Cultural News questions in an email.

Why did you change the article?

"Zara Larsson's clothes were not a stand-in before."

Zara Larsson describes the article as unpleasant. What do you think about it?

"That I understand if she responds to how the article was worded."

Is it reasonable for a reporter to interpret a female artist's body and clothing in this way?

“The wording in the first version of the article was too focused on Zara Larsson's appearance. That is why we have changed them and more clearly highlight the article that reviews her appearance. "

Is a nipple always political?


The cultural news is looking for Zara Larsson.