Truck and motorcycle collide Two men who appear to be teenagers injured Chiba Aug. 9 5:31

On the night of the 8th, at a crossing in Shirai City, Chiba Prefecture, a truck trying to make a right turn collided with a motorcycle that went straight on, and one of two men who seemed to be riding a motorcycle died and one person was injured. I did.

Around 7:40 pm on the 8th, at the intersection of Shirai City Horigome, a truck that tried to turn right collided with a motorcycle that went straight ahead.

According to the police, two men who seemed to be teenagers were riding on the motorcycle, both were transported to the hospital, but one was hit hard and confirmed death, and another one People were also seriously injured by breaking their right leg and hip bone. Both of them were wearing helmets.

The police arrested the self-proclaimed office worker Shiga Isao (59) who lived in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, who was driving the truck on the spot, rushed to confirm the identity of the men who died and was injured by accidental driving I investigate the situation of the accident in detail.

The site is a straight road with a good view with a traffic light about 400 meters away from Shirai Station on the Hokuso Railway.