Attending the Emperor's "Nationwide Rich Sea Making Convention" Visit to Akita Prefecture next month August 8 19:20

It was officially decided that the Emperor will visit Akita Prefecture for a two-day schedule starting on the 7th of next month in order to attend the “National Rich Sea Making Convention”. The empress will be accompanied if there is no problem with her physical condition.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, the Emperor will enter Akita Prefecture on a special aircraft before noon on the 7th of next month and will visit the Animal Protection Center in Akita City in the afternoon.

After that, in the evening, we will face the reception of the “Nationwide Rich Sea Making Competition” at the hotel where we stayed.

The next day, on the 8th, we will be attending the 39th sea-building competition held in Akita City in the morning with fishermen from around the country.

Participation in the sea-building competition was a public duty that the Emperor and Empress inherited from the Emperor and his wife, and the words at the ceremony were canceled after 2009 to reduce the burden on the Emperor. , His Majesty will speak at the ceremony.

In the afternoon, we move to Akita Port, receive a welcome from a marine parade such as fishing boats, and then go to the event of releasing red sea bream and tiger puffer fish and return to Tokyo at night.

The empress will be accompanied if there is no problem with his physical condition. If the visit is made by both of them, the emperor will serve as the empress and the second stay since the visit to Aichi Prefecture in June. It becomes public service in.