National Geographic Abu Dhabi has announced the launch of the series "Ancient Egypt", which reveals the mysteries of the treasures and mysteries of Egypt, as well as tells rare stories about ancient Egypt and handicrafts that were famous for this era.

Ancient Egypt takes viewers on an exceptional four-hour journey, exploring the worlds of ancient Egypt to discover the secrets of civilization that spanned thousands of years, with the help of world-renowned archaeologists and forensic specialists, and the use of drone technology. August 2019 at 11:00 UAE time, 10:00 KSA.

The series begins with "The Secrets and Treasures of the Egyptian Sun King," a 60-minute two-part film, where the adventure leads archaeologists to stunning discoveries such as finding the first cemetery to accommodate a complete body since the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. It contains more than 30 mummies, as investigators try to find out more about the identity of the mummies and solve the mystery of their presence in the tomb.

The series continues to discover more about Egyptian civilization through the film «Egypt from the top», where it sheds light on the ancient Egyptian monuments and structures from the highest possible point by the technology of drones, and viewers enjoy a wonderful adventure begins by showing an aerial picture of the pyramids and Apollhol through diving deep Seas down to explore the new administrative capital.

The film "Saving the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt" also presents the history of the Pyramid of Saqqara Amphitheater, the oldest pyramids of Egypt and the exposed factors of erosion, earthquakes and looting before the experts tried to restore it and restore its lost luster to preserve this precious treasure, while the third film «Egyptian work» includes details Rare about the disappearance of the mummy of King Amenemhat III from his burial chamber and the use of four experts to reopen the case and solve the mystery.