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Jean-Pierre Mocky's daughter pays homage to him: "He hated snobbish things, too intellectual"


On Europe 1, Olivia Mokiejewski returns on the course of her father Jean-Pierre Mocky, a few hours after the announcement of her death.

On Europe 1, Olivia Mokiejewski returns on the course of her father Jean-Pierre Mocky, a few hours after the announcement of her death.


His career is just like his films: totally singular and original. Filmmaker Jean-Pierre Mocky died at the age of 86, leaving behind more than sixty feature films and forty or so TV movies, similar to no other. "He wanted to make intelligent cinema, but accessible to everyone.He hated things snobby, too intellectual," says his daughter, the documentary filmmaker Olivia Mokiejewski, Thursday on Europe 1.

"He really liked cinema, but in a pure sense"

With a very personal causticity, he attacked the financial shenanigans ( Shh! ), The absurdities of the judicial system ( The witness ), the administration ( The companions of Marguerite ), the underpinnings of politics ( One night in the National Assembly, Trap à cons ). Its targets will also be the stupefying television ( The big laundry ), the press ( A shroud has no pockets ), the religious business ( The miraculé ), the sports fanaticism ( To dead the referee! ) Or the generalized corruption ( Is there a Frenchman in the room? ), One of his successes. "There was real anger and a desire for justice to bring to light issues that others did not speak," says Olivia Mokiejewski, obviously very emotional.

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"He really liked cinema, but in pure sense he did not like the French films he saw today," she says. "He did not like intimist things, he did not like actors who were all alike, he did not like people who were beautiful ... He said 'we must address people like everyone', 'do not show that people are very well made up, very glamorous', 'you have to speak true'. "

"He had the anguish of time passing"

Jean-Pierre Mocky, able to shoot sixteen films in six years (from 2011 to 2017), had also started a new one in September, with, once again, "a desire to move the lines." "I think he already had the anguish of time passing, so he had to make as many films as possible in a lifetime because he had so much to say that he was going to multiply projects." He was so passionate , so much inhabited by this art, day and night ... He had a real need to express himself on subjects of society ".

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And what does it matter if his latest works have not met with the hoped for success, both in the offices of distributors and in theaters. This anar loudly died with the conviction that "his latest films will be discovered after his death.He thought he was quite avant-garde in some things," even supports his daughter, who takes the example of his latest film, Tous cops , for which he had surrounded himself with a fairly young team. "He was very up-to-date, he watched a lot of things on TV ... That's why it's also a shock for us: I did not see the old gentleman, I saw a friend with whom I was laughing."

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