Chungju City, which has become popular as a clever publicity bulletin, introduces the daily work of public officials in the sewage treatment plant.

On the 29th of last month, Chungju City unveiled a video titled "One Extreme Public Official and First Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant in Korea" on the official YouTube channel. In the video, Jo Eun-yeong, who is in charge of facility management at Chungju Sewage Treatment Plant, appeared and explained the process of sewage treatment.

In particular, Cho said that he was having trouble managing facilities due to foreign substances. "Wet tissues get into the pump, causing the pump to break down, and it costs a lot of money to fix it," he said. "If you put a wet tissue on the pump, you have to remove it manually."

He added, "We are also hand-picking things that are not tearing up like wet tissues and other daily necessities." "I hope that the sewer staff will work hard even when it is hot." One of the users who had worked for two years at the sewage treatment facility said, "The phenomenon that the wet tissue gets caught in the pump is really frequent," he said. "If the pump fails, it will be enough. "I had an eye-opener.

In addition, the netizens who watched the video responded such as "I am sorry to be drowning in something," "Thank you for your hard work," and "I want to see many people."

It is 'news pick'.

(Configuration = Shin Ji-soo Editor)
(Photo = Capture YouTube from Chungju)