In the Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun, FIAN reported that a large magnetic storm was recorded on Earth. By 12:00 on Tuesday, May 14, the level of magnetic disturbance reached the G3 mark, which corresponds to a “strong magnetic storm”. The maximum indicator in the scale - G5 - "extremely strong storm."

As reported by RIA Novosti chief laboratory researcher Sergey Bogachev, this is quite a serious, but not a record indignation.

“Over the past one and a half to two years, this is the largest magnetic storm, an impressive event. This event creates auroras, interference in radio communications, ”noted Bogachev.

At the same time, he added that the storm will last until the evening, and then normalization of the Earth’s magnetic field is expected during the night.

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In their turn, the Big Novosibirsk Planetarium stated that if the storm lasts long enough, the northern lights can be observed at the latitude of Novosibirsk.

“If the perturbations of the magnetic field continue to dark and the weather will contribute to the observations, there is a small chance to see the aurora at latitudes down to Novosibirsk,” the report said on the planetarium’s social networks.

At the same time, the storm in Moscow will have no effect on the weather. This was reported to RIA Novosti by the chief specialist of the Metropolitan Meteoobureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova.

"Storm in development"

Head of the Laboratory of Cosmic Rays Variations of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation N. V. Pushkova of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IZMIRAN) Anatoly Belov, in an interview with RT, explained that the magnetic storm was caused by flares in the sun.

“In recent days there has been a noticeable increase in, above all, geomagnetic activity, but, of course, this is due to the increase in solar activity. This enhancement could go unnoticed, but small flashes, mainly, rather significant emissions of solar matter occurred in the center of the solar disk. These clouds of plasma fly to the Earth, they have partially flown in, ”notes Belov.

According to him, scientists have recorded a few more emissions in the sun, the effect of their impact will be noticeable in the following days.

“This magnetic storm will not end today, now this development storm, we hope that it will subside, but we know that at least two spikes still follow the emission that night, the previous night,” said the head of the laboratory.

  • Northern lights in the Murmansk region
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In addition, he expressed doubt that in the Novosibirsk region it will be possible to observe the northern lights, since the magnetic storm is not so powerful and the distortions created by it will not reach this latitude.

"The usual stress factor"

With regard to the effects of magnetic storms on human health, there should not be excessive concerns, since these phenomena occur quite often. The human body can easily cope with them, says Anatoly Belov.

“Magnetic storms affect humans, but this is a common stress factor. We feel magnetic storms all the time, any person who lived to some serious age, he has already experienced a thousand magnetic storms, and old people have four to five thousand magnetic storms on the account, ”the scientist said.

However, he noted that there are some types of diseases in which people can notice some deterioration.

"For example, people with heart arrhythmia, they often start extrasystoles," he noted.

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Director of the Institute for Space Research, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anatoly Petrukovich confirmed that magnetic storms of such intensity do not represent harm to health.

“This is a moderate magnetic storm. Now a minimum of solar activity is recorded, so there are few magnetic storms. During the maximum activity in the early 2000s, such storms were about every week, so nothing terrible during such a storm does not happen. But we must remember about our diseases and take care of our state of health, ”Petrukovich stressed.