Special investigator used: Abuse case in Lügde - evidence with the police disappeared

In the case of an investigation into Lügde's abuse, evidently evidence has disappeared from the police. NRW Minister of the Interior Reul has appointed special investigators.

The case of abuse in Lügde is increasingly becoming a police affair as well, as the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul (CDU) announced, have disappeared from rooms of the Criminal Investigation evidence. A suitcase and a case with about 155 data carriers would have been missing for several weeks in the district police department Lippe, so Reul. He has therefore used several special investigators.

At the end of January, the abuse case in Lügde became known. Three men are in custody, including the alleged main culprit Andreas V. Since 2008, he is said to have abused children again and again, including his today eight-year-old foster daughter.

According to investigators a crime scene: the campsite on which Andreas V. lived for many years. The police assume at least 31 victims and a thousand individual acts. The investigators confiscated thousands of child porn files, the data volume is 14 terabytes.

In custody are also sitting the 33-year-old Mario S., who is said to have also abused children, and a 48-year-old from Stade, who is said to have persecuted the abuse by live chat.

The prosecutor Detmold also investigates employees of the youth welfare offices Hameln-Pyrmont and Lippe, it is about the suspicion of violation of the care or education obligation. Already in 2016 there had been hints on Andreas V., which might not have been followed up. Also against police officers is therefore determined.

ref: spiegel