Schleswig-Holstein: first responder is robbed in a traffic accident

She took care of an injured motorcyclist - and was robbed: a handbag was stolen from a 28-year-old first responder in a traffic accident in Bönningstedt.

In a traffic accident in the Schleswig-Holstein Bönningstedt a first responder has been robbed. According to the police, the woman was stealing her handbag when she and other passers-by cared for a fallen motorcyclist.

According to this, the 28-year-old turned down her bag, including her wallet and mobile phone, at the scene of the accident on Wednesday afternoon to help the injured person. Shortly after, it disappeared.

Later, the bag was found in front of a supermarket nearby. Documents and mobile phone were still in it. According to the police, however, a "small amount of cash" was missing. The officials asked witnesses for clues.

ref: spiegel