Reading .. Is the book a real source of happiness?

When she told me that she felt a bit of emptiness and routine, she was advised to read. She told me she was spiritually void and lacking any passion that filled her life. I told her to read books. She told me that she was not okay and that she lost herself every day and that she did not gain anything that could develop her mind I felt that I was not serious about what I was saying, that I really wanted to help her and that reading had always been a lifeblood, and she would live. Did not "read" the first thing that descends on our master Muhammad peace be upon him from the Koran enough to sense the greatness of this verse to understand the importance of reading and books in our lives and does not feel this Except for the taste of the sweetness of reading, he could only ask for more each time as the most beautiful and best addiction can live the individual.

If there is so-called eternal advice any advice that is suitable at any time and place and for both sexes and with the large and small, as a recipe for magical life that makes the book the art of life and practice of reading as a necessity and need and not resort to it as a kind of pleasure, or redundant in life can be dispensed When we want to, because of the books that we carry in the secrets, beauty and usefulness, advice "Start reading ... Read ... read and only ... Read everything ... and about anything ... read wherever you are ... Always read "advice we summarize say" either life with the book and life by reading or not. "

Reading is a cure for the mind, the soul and the body because it offers a "prescription rather than a medical prescription." It adjusts the heartbeat, reduces stress and relieves pressure better than walking, listening to music, exercising or drinking a cup of coffee.

"The light is in the books ... Open the book on the dead ... Let it shine ... Let it do it" Victor Hugo.
How do we explain this isolation that the individual lives with a certain book and may sit with him for hours without feeling hungry or thirsty, perhaps reading it brings comfort and drink and drink of another kind, it tastes the words and tells the meanings and travels over the wings of his papers, the kind of curiosity that we live While reading and at the same time the patience that we are able to adopt a kind of balance in all aspects of our lives, the strength of those stories and experiences that pass us through our reading of books, which may gain real personal experiences, although they are virtual exercises, meanings and values ​​may not find In the people surrounding us or in our personal lives but taught to us by books. The book may also be a teacher and guide of life.

In all times and periods, reading proved its importance and necessity and served as a way out of all mud and difficulties. It opens the minds and hearts and guides us to the right, and no one can deny the extent of their positive influence in the case of the individual before and after. We do not have limits to certain things in our lives, and there is no other that has no explanation, by reading, we practice thinking, so we learn the principle of graces, we learn, we learn, we understand, we expand, we understand and understand, we read and reconcile ourselves with our inner and inner weaknesses. Otherwise, we dig deeper into topics and do not recognize superficiality.

In reading, we breathe in the present and look into the past and look forward to the future. We understand the meaning and reverse it, which makes us translate the meanings in many different ways, and we avoid resorting to some reprehensible methods such as command, prohibition or advice, so that we can give the head of the thread to the other without feeling it. , We respond to our questions, we understand the direction of our lives and we will life as a whole through the books and events of the news.

Some of them made their glory by reading. They wrote their stories and adventures, how they faced difficulties, fought battles and tolerated their suffering, even their times of comfort and gratitude, leaving an impact. It leads to creativity and expansion of imagination and inspiration to the individual, but increases the strength of creativity, reading is changing our principles and convictions as long as we think they are true or things we do not really know, and we do not even talk to read, we have the references to deal with different people and understanding with them, We gain the power of persuasion, understand the meaning of criticism, and the methods of good speech, what should be said and who is said and when and how to say, reading we learn more sense of others, make us live better because we do not live conflicts of ideas, especially negative ones, we live in harmony with ourselves and with the surrounding Us, also reading Nstt Difficulties facing life difficulties, resistance, overcoming them and getting out of them.

Reading some books may take you from an arid desert to a paradise, as you open up new windows overlooking green gardens, windows that have always been closed to a very high view and things are seen differently

"There are really only two things that can change an individual either great love or reading a great book." The book was considered as a hospital for the mind, and the book as a universal medicine and reading self-treatment as a necessity to achieve happiness and comfort, to be better with a book, to get out of our case and explore life more and understand We read ourselves through reading and words by dropping those stories and experiments somehow on ourselves. Perhaps this is the principle around which the biblioterabia is formed with the aim of self-building and the individual is the best companion for himself, because in fact every reader when he reads but reads himself, instead of going to the pharmacy Find a solution to your anxiety and anxiety. You can go to a library to choose a book that might make you better.

What we are told by studies about the importance of reading for the individual confirms that reading is a cure for the mind, the body and the body as it offers a "prescription rather than a medical". It adjusts the heartbeat, reduces tension and relieves pressure better than walking, listening to music, playing a certain sport, When reading the memory of our memory is scattered for a certain time because we delve into the book, which reduces tension, as if we are moving away from the anxieties of life and our concerns in reality, which cause great pressure, as regular reading develop a sense of meditation, which stimulates certain areas of the brain and which are of great benefit is a sport of mind and training , It is also Readers tend to enjoy good physical health, they help to sleep well, and readers enjoy more comfort and quiet because of reading, and it develops the intelligence of the individual, which allows the processing of information and order, and linking ideas and analysis among them, and improve focus, and as the books mimic reality, they develop imagination and feed The sense of empathy and altruism has the ability to communicate and self-confidence, it simulates the spirit but it is reflected in mind and body together, if there are certain vitamins you need from one season to another as well as reading are vitamins of all times and can not be neglected in any way.

"What do we know about love, hatred, moral sentiments ... and generally everything we call particular, if it has not been introduced into language and literature?" Paul Ricor

Reading some books may take you from a barren desert to a garden, as you open new windows overlooking green gardens, windows that have always been closed to a very high view. Things look different from what you saw before you opened those windows and read them. From those amazing quotations that touch the heart of our interior and remain entrenched in our memory, as a basis or a principle of life for us, the owner of which expressed things we could not translate but he described and formulated accurately, we remained stunned in front of them, in reading laugh and cry and run away and we travel and grieve and rejoice and interact with people We do not know them but we meet them It gives us the right to read or not, the right to skip pages or not to complete the book, the right to read again. Reading anything, the right to read anywhere and anytime, reading aloud or whispering or completely silent, it is a satisfaction that affects all senses.

It is said when I think of the books that I have not yet read. I make sure that I will be happy. Reading is an industry of happiness in the book, as a "recipe book" for healing and being better as an internal library for the individual and a source of social security that helps to live for those who want to live as they should.