Monsoon in Indonesia: At least 26 dead in Sulawesi

Heavy rainfall on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has killed dozens of people, and many are still missing. An entire region is under water.

In landslides and floods, 26 people have died on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Twenty-four were also missing in the southern province of Sulawesi Selatan, as Civil Protection reported.

In the region is rainy season. The heavy rainfall that has been going on for days in the province has caused floods in ten districts and flooded Makassar, the provincial capital.


Helpers save people in Makassar

All 26 deaths came from three districts of the province. More than 3300 people had to leave their homes, according to civil protection. "We hope that the water retreats as soon as the rain subsides," said the head of the authority in Syamsibar province.

The monsoon lasts in most regions of Indonesia from November to March. Landslides and floods are not uncommon at this time.