Michel Houellebecq's next novel will be entitled "Sérotonine"

Michel Houellebecq's next novel, to appear on January 4, will be titled "Serotonin," his publisher revealed Wednesday. & Nbsp;

Book event of the fall of the literary winter, Michel Houellebecq's next novel will be entitled Serotonin , revealed Wednesday his publisher. The 347-page book is scheduled for release on January 4, four years after Submission. Flammarion has planned an exceptional circulation of 320,000 copies. The publisher has asked "solemnly" the media to respect a total embargo on the contents of the book until December 27.

Serotonin, this "neurotransmitter associated with the state of happiness". Serotonin is a "neurotransmitter associated with the state of happiness". According to medical sites, it is present in the brain, blood, intestines and connective tissues of the human body, it causes the contraction of blood vessels, helps to transmit information throughout the nervous system and plays a role in the brain function. She is particularly involved in physiological functions such as sleep, aggression or depression.

493 novels expected in bookstores from January 2nd. According to the professional weekly Livres Hebdo , 493 novels including that of Michel Houellebecq are expected in bookshops from 2 January. Soumission, Michel Houellebecq's previous novel (Prix Goncourt in 2010 for The Map and the Territory ), has sold some 800,000 copies

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