ESC-Duo S! Sters: A little more story would be nice too

With the anti-zicken song "Sister" Germany will travel to Israel for the Eurovision Song Contest - and with it a female duo from the drawing board. There would have been a candidate who really was not heard that way.

Rarely did the first few lines of an ESC post hit the dentist's drum with the nerve of the chronically troubled Songcontest fanatics. "I'm tired / Tired of always losing," begins "Sister", the freshly determined German contribution to this year's singing competition in Tel Aviv.

However, in the further course of the song then it is not about the deep, eroded Tear Valleys, in which the likes of times in the Bückwarenbereich placed German contributions for several years - except for a few successful outliers - regularly walk. But that would actually be an idiotic, only minimally self-referential idea.

No, "Sister", sung by a female duo called S! Sters, denounces the fact that women often tickle and shit each other.

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ESC preliminary decision: Aseptic agency born

So, Carlotta Truman and Laurita Spinelli sing while singing on a revolving stage, and of course one would have wished for a more feminist message than the accusation that women were getting the hang of it. "Sorry for the drama / I tried to steal your thunder" To make life difficult for one another. But actually that does not matter, because the contribution anyway feels as constructed as it actually is.

S! Sters is real drawing board tempering. The two performing "sisters" have only known each other for a few months, they were cast individually, as their song had already been put together by an international writing team.

A modern-purpose exclamation mark

On the one hand, this reminds us that the ESC, strictly speaking, should be a songwriter competition, but a little more real story would be quite nice on the other hand - as with Michael Schulte, who last year in Lisbon with "You Let Me Walk Alone "took an acclaimed fourth place and sang from his childhood, his own father. "Sister" and S! Sters look as aseptically agency-born as the modern-day exclamation point in their name.

The other six contributions, however, were not much more exciting, mostly ballads and balladues sang too generic, a hundred times heard numbers. Gregor Hägele (whose feature film showed him while preparing a crunchy pasta dish but discreetly withheld his semi-final participation in "The Voice of Germany") did not favor the head parts of his song.

Aly Ryan recalled old ESC virtues with her trick dress, glittering turn, and treadmill performance, Makeda was statically dressed in a gold dress for her soul ballad, although she had previously impressed with a much more dynamic stage presence in her feature film. BB Thomaz, another "voice" veteran, sang with inner-frontal dandels and a slit dress over inner demons, who were supposed to go to hell, and sounded more like a cut-out number from "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." "-Musicalfolge.

Linus Bruhn, also dusted off by "The Voice", sang an agitational call to drop the phone and start a new society. In the chorus squeaky animals from past Jamba Sparabo ringtones meowed, on the LED wall in the background shone words like fresh from a Miracle Morning ceremony: together, strong, liberty - and "confindent" .

Lilly among clouds stood out with her björkigen song "Surprise" and slightly quirky Fuchtel-Perfomance perhaps as the only really interesting, because so actually not yet heard candidate out.

Ackern against the wasteland

Altogether lacked the contributions of the Schmackes, with which the moderators Barbara Schöneberger and Linda Zervakis as routine Show-Loks aufgleisten the transmission. Irritating, however, Schönebergers upper arm jewelry, a polygonal folding work, which seemed as if Schöneberger a computer animaton with a small rendering error.

Both moderators aroused cheerfully against the wasteland, which also spread the extremely boring performance films of the candidates and candidates - with casting show platitudes from hell. "You can not force the right song." "Music means everything to me." "A good ESC song has to hit people's hearts."

So many commonplaces were concreted there, that one desperately wanted a candidate, who would give a record, well, music was a thing he did not care about, he just got that way. But no, everyone lives alone for the music, they have all been singing since they were children - are there children who do not sing songs?

The vote was then based on the three-part system from the previous year: In equal parts, the votes of the calling television viewers, a jury of 100 ESC fans and an international jury of experts were judged, the latter composed of somehow ESC-linked people from various participating countries. At least this expert component still seems slightly erratic, because - at least one average-minded people - remains unclear why the ESC staff from other countries should vote so that competitor Germany actually drives the best title to the competition.

After a long-term count-off program, consisting of Lena Meyer-Landrut, the prolific hero Udo Lindenberg, who with his song "König von Scheißegalien" subtly agreed to the voting results, the international jury decided on S! Sters.

The fans would rather have sent Aly Ryan to Israel, but also the voting spectators finally chose the article about lack of female solidarity. On May 18th you can see how the German contribution in Tel Aviv comes off - tired of always losing , as always.

ref: spiegel