Deadly accident in Frankfurt am Main: S-Bahn captured 17-year-old helper

He tried to save a man and thereby killed himself: The deceased in a train accident in Frankfurt adolescents wanted to help a homeless, according to police.

According to findings of the Federal Police, a 17-year-old who was hit by an S-Bahn in Frankfurt / Main has died in a rescue attempt. The young man wanted to help a homeless man on Tuesday, who lay drunk on the track, said a police spokesman. He noticed the arriving train too late.

Another homeless man, who helped the 17-year-old, was able to save himself at the last second on the railway embankment and suffered minor injuries. The drunken 44-year-old, who was lying on the rails, was seriously injured. He had about 2.6 per thousand alcohol in the blood, according to the federal police.

The engine driver and two travelers suffered shocks and had to be treated.

ref: spiegel