Blackout in Berlin: power failure in Köpenick lasted 30 hours

Tens of thousands of Berliners sat in the dark: For more than 30 hours, entire streets in the southeast of the capital were left without electricity, heating and light. Guilt was obviously construction work.

After more than 30 hours of power failure, Berlin-Köpenick has been back online since Wednesday evening. That said Olaf Weidner of electricity grid Berlin. Since shortly after 21:20, all affected households and businesses are back online, he said.

On Tuesday, the power supply in large parts of the district had collapsed, after two high-voltage cables had been cut during construction. More than 30,000 households and 2,000 commercial enterprises have since been cut off from the electricity grid. Many apartments remained dark and cold. The district of Treptow-Köpenick has a total of 134,600 households with about 265,000 inhabitants.

Large deployment of the fire department

Because the telephone network could also be affected, citizens were called upon to contact the nearest fire station or police station in emergencies. The authorities also set up contact points for residents. In a high school, people were provided with warm drinks and food.

The power failure triggered a major deployment of fire department and Technical Relief Agency (THW). From the Köpenick hospital, 23 patients were transferred to other facilities, according to the Senate Department for Health. The power supply in the hospital could be restored with the help of the THW.

ref: spiegel