Yael Mellul, the president of the feminist association "Woman and Free", had filed a complaint against Bertrand Cantat following the suicide of the former companion of the singer, Krisztina Rády. Justice dismissed the case without further action last July. The former leader of Noir Désir has therefore decided to fight back with a complaint for "slanderous denunciation".

Bertrand Cantat has decided to counter-attack after the accusations that he was the subject of the suicide of Krisztina Rady, his ex-companion.

The former leader of Black Desire filed a complaint against Yael Mellul for "slanderous denunciation," revealed the JDD . The president of the feminist association "Femme et libre" had herself lodged a complaint against the singer, on January 18, for "violence causing death without the intention to give". She felt that Krisztina Rády had been pushed to suicide by the violence of her companion.

A complaint filed without further action

The former cultural director of the Hungarian Institute of Paris committed suicide in January 2010. She was found hanged at her home in Bordeaux. Bertrand Cantat has always been out of cause in this case.

After several hearings, the investigation around the complaint of the association "Woman and free" was dismissed last July. The artist then decided to sue her president. Yael Mellul has reacted on his Twitter account and seems more determined than ever to continue his fight: "The huge advantage of this procedure slanderous denunciation is that it will allow me to prove the relevance of my accusations. So excited. "

The huge advantage of this slanderous disclosure procedure is that it will allow me to prove the relevance of my charges. #Cantat https://t.co/tZUZk3h3Pm

- Yael Mellul (@YaelMellul) August 5, 2018