Berlin and Brandenburg: raid against weapons smugglers

The police is with a large deployment in Berlin and Brandenburg against a gang of alleged weapons smugglers before. They are said to have introduced and rebuilt pistols on a large scale.

Officials of a Special Operations Command (SEK) are currently searching around 20 locations in Berlin and Brandenburg. It is being investigated against the ten accused for the smuggling and resale of converted pistols from Slovakia, the Berlin public prosecutor informed on Twitter.

As a police spokeswoman said, the SEK has been searching several homes and apartments in the capital since 6am. Also in Brandenburg some buildings would be searched. The police wanted to execute several arrest warrants and hope to be able to secure illegally acquired weapons. First the "world" had reported.

For the dimension of the mission made the spokeswoman initially no information. According to the newspaper, it is about more than 700 weapons that should go to Berlin and the surrounding area. They are supposed to be small bore pistols that have been rebuilt into sharp 9mm pistols. Because of the dangerousness of the gang is almost the entire Berlin SEK in use.