Easter strike at Amazon

Just a few days before Easter, the Ver.di union called on Amazon employees to strike. The match will last until Tuesday night.

Who at Easter still on the last push gifts online at Amazon would like to go shopping, could get problems: The union Ver.di has said before the holidays, according to a personal job at the mail order company.

"Since the beginning of the night shift at 0 o'clock this Monday, Amazon Bad Hersfeld is on strike, and the strike will continue on all shifts until Tuesday night," the union said. Ver.di wants to use this step to enforce higher wages and fight for the application of collective agreements. "Taking into account that ever higher performance is required in the companies, then this must be well above the inflation rate," said union secretary Mechthild Middeke.

How many employees participate in the strike and how big the impact on the mail-order business is is unclear. Ver.di has been calling the mail order company for more than five years to strike again and again. This is to enforce negotiations on a collective agreement. The union wants to ensure that the Amazon employees are paid according to the tariff conditions of retail and mail order.

Amazon rejects this so far and is based on the remuneration in the logistics industry. In his view, the company has a payment at the top end of what is customary in the logistics industry. The wage increases were also based on tariff increases in the retail sector.

ref: spiegel

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