China News Service, New York, March 1 (Reporter Wang Fan) Qian Jin, Deputy Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, responded to the U.S. public opinion field's badmouthing of China's economy on March 1, pointing out that the relevant arguments are far from the facts. The fundamentals of stable and long-term improvement have not changed, and China will continue to be an important engine for world economic growth.

  Qian Jin said that recently, the U.S. public opinion field has been filled with various theories about China's "economic stalling", "lack of power" and "drag the world", constantly badmouthing China's economic development prospects, which is far from the truth.

Overall, in 2023, China withstood external pressure and overcame internal difficulties, the national economy rebounded for the better, high-quality development was solidly advanced, the main expected goals were successfully achieved, and solid steps were taken to comprehensively build a modern socialist country.

  Qian Jin said that in the context of the world entering a new period of turmoil and change and the lack of global economic growth momentum, China's gross domestic product (GDP) will exceed 126 trillion yuan (approximately 17.52 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 5.2 %, higher than the expected target of about 5% set at the beginning of the year.

A report from the International Financial Forum shows that China’s economy will contribute 32% to global economic growth in 2023, making it the largest engine of world economic growth.

  Qian Jin pointed out that stability is the foundation and confidence of China's economic development, high quality is the distinctive theme of China's economic development, innovation is the first driving force of China's economic development, opening up is the inevitable logic of China's economic development, and certainty is the key to China's economic development. The economy is a shot in the arm for the world.

  Qian Jin said that the fundamentals of China's economic stability and long-term improvement have not changed, and the international community is optimistic about China's economic development this year.

The chief representative of the International Monetary Fund in China predicts that China's economy will maintain good growth in 2024 and contribute one-third of global economic growth.

The British Economist Intelligence Unit and others predict that China's economic fundamentals will be more solid in 2024.

  When it comes to Sino-US economic and trade relations, Qian Jin said that mutual benefit and win-win are the essence of Sino-US economic and trade relations. Only by jointly going through the "ups and downs" can we face the "dark and bright future" together.

At present, some people in the United States continue to exaggerate the "China threat", clamor for chip supply cuts, and lengthen the sanctions list. This is inconsistent with the United States' statement that it is willing to continue to develop economic and trade relations with China and does not seek to suppress and contain China's development. Going in the opposite direction.

The momentum of stabilizing Sino-US relations should not be disrupted by domestic politics.

China hopes that the United States will create a fair, just and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies to invest in the United States, view the investment behavior of Chinese companies objectively and rationally, avoid political factors interfering with economic cooperation, and ensure that investment security reviews are open, fair and transparent, and serve China Provide more opportunities for enterprises and enhance the confidence of Chinese enterprises in investing in the United States.