China News Service, Beijing, February 27 (Reporter Xia Bin) According to news from the Central Bank of China on the 27th, the Central Bank of China held a symposium on five major financial articles on the 26th, emphasizing that all financial institutions should optimize internal resource allocation and improve internal funds. Policy arrangements such as transfer pricing, performance appraisal, and due diligence exemption will be implemented to strengthen product and service innovation based on the characteristics of each key area and increase financial support for the five key areas.

  The 2023 Central Financial Work Conference emphasized that we should focus on five major articles: technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance, and effectively strengthen high-quality financial services for major strategies, key areas, and weak links.

  The working symposium believed that in recent years, the financial sector has continued to increase investment in financial resources around key areas such as technology, green, inclusiveness, and elderly care, and has achieved positive results.

The financial organizational system has been gradually improved, the financial policy framework has been continuously improved, financial institution systems, products and service systems have been continuously optimized, the availability of financing in key areas has significantly improved, and financing costs have stabilized but declined, providing strong support for high-quality economic development.

  The work symposium stated that all financial institutions must make full use of monetary policy tools, do a good job in loan review and lending, fund declaration and duration management, and accurately transmit the central bank's preferential re-loan policies to various key areas through various financial institutions.

Improve professional service capabilities, conduct in-depth research on industrial policies, development trends, business models, and risk characteristics in various key areas, and accelerate the construction of sustainable business models.

Strengthen communication with financial management departments, promptly report problems, make suggestions, and exchange experiences with peers.

  In addition, the People's Bank of China will provide support, guidance and service guarantee by strengthening policy guidance, strengthening policy incentives, clarifying goal requirements, and strengthening assessment and evaluation.