The reporter learned from COMAC: On February 27, 2024, the C919 and ARJ21 aircraft that had just completed the Singapore Airshow flight performance began demonstration flights in Southeast Asia.

  According to the arrangement, in the next two weeks, C919 and ARJ21 aircraft will carry out demonstration flights in five countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, mainly to verify the adaptability of domestic commercial aircraft to airports and routes in the five Southeast Asian countries. The adaptability of ground service equipment, the applicability of special flight procedures and the economy of route payload demonstrate the good performance of the aircraft and lay the foundation for subsequent market development in Southeast Asia.

  The C919 large passenger aircraft carries 158 to 192 passengers and has a range of 4,075 to 5,555 kilometers. It adopts advanced aerodynamic design, propulsion system and materials, with lower carbon emissions and higher fuel efficiency.

The advanced cockpit design can effectively reduce pilot workload, and the humanized cabin design can provide passengers with a comfortable riding environment.

On May 28, 2023, the C919 large passenger aircraft successfully completed its first commercial flight. So far, 4 aircraft have been delivered to its first customer, China Eastern Airlines, and round-trip flights from Shanghai to Beijing and Shanghai to Chengdu have been launched.

So far, more than 130,000 passengers have been transported safely.

  The ARJ21 regional passenger aircraft carries 78 to 97 passengers and has a range of 2,225 to 3,700 kilometers. It has good take-off and landing performance at high-temperature plateau airports and cross-wind resistance.

Since it was put into commercial operation in June 2016, a total of 127 aircraft have been delivered and more than 11 million passengers have been safely transported.

Among them, two ARJ21 aircraft operated by Indonesian Air Asia have opened 4 routes based in Jakarta, serving 5 cities and safely carrying more than 100,000 passengers.

  (CCTV reporter Cui Xia Tao Jiashu)