In order to further facilitate the exchange of people between cities and meet the differentiated travel needs of the majority of passengers, China Railway Group has innovated and upgraded its ticket products by relying on electronic tickets, and launched new ticketing products such as 20-time counting tickets and 30-day regular tickets, which are not only cost-effective, but also convenient and intelligent to purchase and use.

How to buy time-counting tickets and fixed-term tickets? How to use it?

Passengers can purchase products for themselves or other passengers on the 12306 website and App, and can enjoy a certain degree of discount when purchasing, and refunds can be made at any time if the products are not enabled. Counting tickets and fixed-term tickets break the restriction that traditional tickets must take the date and number specified on the ticket, and the product can take any eligible train within the validity period.

Wang Yongfeng, senior technical manager of Railway 12306 Science and Technology Innovation Center: The 20-time counting ticket refers to a product that passengers can use up to 90 times in 20 days to specify the interval and seat when purchasing the product. Then a regular ticket means that passengers can travel up to 30 times in a 60-day period for the specified section and seat. At present, the counting ticket is priced according to the 30% discount of the regular fare, and the regular ticket has a maximum of 60 rides in 44 days, but we set the price according to <> times.

In addition to the cost-effective price at the time of purchase, the new ticketing product also supports two riding methods: seat reservation and direct card swiping, which can meet different needs such as planning the itinerary in advance and going, simplifying the cumbersome process of multiple ticket purchases, changes and refunds, and allowing passengers to travel flexibly according to the actual itinerary changes.

Wang Yongfeng, senior technical manager of Railway 12306 Science and Technology Innovation Center: The product is enabled on the first ride, and the product can be returned at any time before it is enabled without any charge. Free reservation and cancellation are supported when using it, and passengers can cancel free of charge before driving without any refund fee.

Ticketed travel These details should be noted

As a new type of ticketing product, while everyone enjoys convenience, some details of use also need attention.

1. Is the counting ticket valid for use?

After purchasing a time-counting ticket or a regular ticket, passengers need to activate boarding within 30 days (including the same day), and if they do not board within 30 days, the product will automatically expire and the full amount will be refunded according to the original payment route. Once the ride has been activated, the fare is non-refundable.

2. What are the rules for using counting tickets?

The same passenger can only purchase up to two identical products at the same time. The product is for the passenger's own use only and cannot be transferred or shared; Only the seat designated at the time of purchase, reservation or seat purchase, can not be used on and off the train at the stopover, cross-station, and cannot be used across seats. Products that have not yet been activated can only reserve pre-sale seats during the product activation period; If the itinerary is changed, the reservation should be cancelled before driving, and if the reservation is not canceled, it will be considered as a ride.

3. How do I reserve a seat for counting votes? Can I choose on my own?

When making a reservation in advance, passengers can choose their own seats according to the ticket sales situation; When boarding directly with an ID card, the system will automatically assign seats, and passengers cannot choose independently on the spot. The seat information is sent by the system to the traveler's mobile phone in the form of a text message.

4. Guaranteed seats are not guaranteed, what if it is full?

Wang Yongfeng, senior technical manager of the railway 12306 Science and Technology Innovation Center: In the case of sufficient ticket sources, there is no problem for passengers to make reservations in advance or directly swipe their documents to take the train. However, during peak passenger flow, we recommend that passengers make reservations in advance, because if you swipe your ID directly, there may be a situation where there is not enough ticket source and there is no way to allocate seats in real time.

5. Special Tips

Passengers who need a reimbursement voucher can exchange for a reimbursement voucher at the designated arrival window of the product with the original valid ID of the passenger used to purchase the product within 180 days after the validity period of the counting ticket.

(CCTV reporter Cao Dan)