The order is placed to play with adults, but it is a minor

The reporter investigates the chaos in the
companion industry

□ reporter Han Dandong

□ Intern Wang Yitian

"Students, play games with you, take orders on weekends", "play offline, miniskirts, black silk, you can wear whatever you want me to wear" "10 yuan per 148 minutes without showing your face to play, 10 yuan per 228 minutes to show your face to play"... This is the information that the reporter of the "Rule of Law Daily" saw or received when investigating the emerging thing of playing with play recently.

In recent years, with the development of the Internet economy, "accompanying play" has quietly emerged. The reporter's investigation found that you can place orders through a variety of channels such as platforms or group chats, and the form of companion play not only includes playing games, playing with games, etc., but also some companion play services play "edge ball". Some companion services are developing from online to offline, and there are security risks.

Experts interviewed believe that accompanying play actually plays the role of companionship, and its existence has certain practical needs and significance, but at present, various chaos has been exposed in the industry, which may especially endanger the physical and mental health of minors and need to be paid attention to. It is recommended that relevant departments strengthen supervision, and continuously improve the methods of investigation and handling, and discover potential problems such as "brushing edges". Platforms, industries, relevant practitioners and offline business entities should strengthen their legal awareness and carry out companion business in accordance with laws and regulations.

Order online games to accompany you

Many of them are minors

Recently, the reporter searched for "accompaniment" as a keyword in an app store and found that there were twenty or thirty related applications. The reporter randomly downloaded some related apps and found that almost all of these applications were game companions, and orders could be completed through the App. Some apps can also choose players in the same city, and you can see the distance from you.

The reporter tried to find that on these apps can find mobile games and end games to play, the game is different, the price of companion play is also different, players want to find companion service, need to recharge tokens first, and then complete the order in the form of tokens. The price of a game is usually ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan according to the level, companion level, etc. There are also prices calculated according to time, calculated in units of half an hour, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan.

The reporter noticed that the platform has a very fine distinction between the types of companion play, such as the choice of which game to play when placing an order, and each companion will have several games for players to place an order. The homepage of each companion will not only introduce which games they will play, but also introduce the level of the game, communication skills, personality, etc.

It is understood that the tokens earned by accompanying the play can be withdrawn, and the platform will deduct a handling fee, generally about 20%.

It is worth noting that although the registration interface of these companion apps clearly requires that the registrant is at least 18 years old and set up identity verification information, the reporter's investigation found that many minors are providing companion services.

The reporter released a companion demand list through a companion platform, and soon someone called through the reserved mobile phone number, listening to the voice was a very young man, straight to say "boss plus friends" and "boss on the number". Following the prompts of the other party, the reporter added his social account as a friend. After playing a few games together, the other party said that the companion time was over, and if you needed it in the future, you can chat with him privately, and their studio also has multiple companions, who can team up to play the game together.

In the subsequent exchange, the reporter learned that this companion is currently in the second year of high school, and usually takes orders to accompany the game to earn pocket money. The "studio" where he works is full of classmates and friends, young people around the age of 16 to 20, "young hands are fast, and the game is good".

Some voice chat software also has a companion channel, and you can register as a companion after entering the channel. After trying, the reporter found that the registration process did not require users to provide information such as ID numbers, and the date of birth could be filled in at will.

"I met a game companion who sounded very young, and when I asked, I realized that he was still a junior high school student." Netizens who have placed orders told reporters.

In some online forums, there is also a presence of companionship. The reporter searched for "high school students to play with them" on Tieba and the search page that popped up was full of "play with them" asking for orders. In a post titled "Accompanying the game, I am a junior high school student, take orders on weekends", many comments urged the poster to "stop studying, hurry up and get on the number".

There is a hidden trick in the chat group

Playing "edge ball" with code words

On a social platform, searching with keywords such as "accompanying play", the reporter saw that many posts said "find a boss" and "can take orders". A user named "Flutter is Soft" posted that he was playing with him, but the picture was two pictures of legs wearing stockings, and a screenshot of a chat showing that the "boss" asked for sexual services from Companion, and then had a video chat with Companion for more than four minutes.

Not only that, but there will always be advertising posts for companion groups in the comment area of these companion posts looking for "bosses". Following the information in the comment area, the reporter joined a companion group. The administrator has set a ban for all, and the name of the group owner and each administrator is "place an order for private chat, private me to see the menu". The reporter tried to contact one of them, and sent two pictures to the reporter, the first picture is the type and price of the accompanying service: 10 yuan per 148 minutes without showing his face, 10 yuan per 228 minutes of playing with his face, and also need to pay a deposit of 30 yuan, the chosen companion can hang up within one minute, add 30 yuan to replace the person, no refund or exchange after the time, the screen cannot be recorded or watched by multiple people in the process, and there is no refund if you find that you hang up directly.

And the content of the second picture is even more wrong - the picture says that the types of services are divided into "green category" and "TS category", and there are "entertainment companions, girlfriend companions, technical companions...", as well as services such as sleeping, wake-up, and sky-packing. The "TS class" next to it is "KP, Caritas, Additional Projects" and other service types, which are all pornographic projects after the explanation of customer service.

The reporter found that in the companion app downloaded by the app store, almost all have sensitive word detection systems, if the words contain words such as "offline" and "about", the sending will fail, and the platform will prompt "the copy contains sensitive words" or directly warn. However, this is difficult to play with, and they can communicate with the initials of pinyin to circumvent it. After choosing a game to place an order, players can also choose to chat with game friends privately or connect through voice software.

On a certain App, a number of companions took the initiative to greet the reporter, and all said that they could "h", "sp", etc., and further inquiry learned the "deep meaning": players can choose not to play games, but to engage in pornographic text or voice chat, or even direct video naked chat.

As the investigation deepened, the reporter learned that many companions had joined the guild. There is also a special person in the guild responsible for docking the list involving yellow requirements (they are called H orders), if the customer has relevant needs, will directly transfer the list to the accompaniment of such orders, the price varies according to the price of voice and video, mostly 10 minutes tens of yuan to more than 100 yuan.

H orders are not a secret in the industry, a long-term companion on a platform Ms. Zhang told reporters: "Many H orders on the platform can be found by looking for them through the secret code." Some don't even have to look for them, you can find them by swiping them at random in the square. ”

"Although the platform is prohibited from involving pornography, it is inevitable that some companions and players use the platform as a pedal to reach illegal transactions." For example, netizens "Li Baibai", who has been engaged in escort work, said that in the process of accompanying the game, he was often asked whether to provide "special orders".

The reporter joined a companion group called "Nianyin", and from the existing group files and group chat records in the group, it was seen that each order group owner and administrator would extract up to 65% of the "platform fee". "The group will assign you orders, but the commission will be very high, for example, if someone places an order of 300 yuan, you can only receive about 120 yuan in the end." A group friend told reporters that according to the news released by the group, the accompanying personnel also have to complete some special requirements of customers in the process of chatting with customers, such as the need for video, showing legs, etc.

It is understood that the so-called dispatch in the group is actually the group administrator who receives the order through the account of the accompanying play and chat App, and then sends it to the group friends.

"These accounts will accept orders under the banner of 'blind box play and chat', which is to put it bluntly, it is to bypass the supervision of real-name registration of companion play and chat platforms." The above group said.

Companion play began to move offline

Personal safety is difficult to guarantee

"Free tonight, do you have a boss appointment?" Available offline! Can be specified! "This is the state that the reporter sees in a personal activity of a certain companion. According to industry insiders, in addition to online, there are some companions who also place orders online, and even have platforms dedicated to offline play.

According to reports, offline companion play can also be ordered through some companion software, but such software generally needs to scan the code to download, can not be found in the app store. On these apps, you can ask to play offline games, eat, shop, chat, watch movies, script killing, escape room, etc., users and companions cannot be directly contacted, and can only be selected through the personal information released by the platform.

"There are photos, sounds and game segments, and only after the customer places an order and the transaction is confirmed, will the companion meet the customer." According to industry insiders, customers can watch the photos or sound and video of the homepage through the platform, and then choose. After the end of the transaction, the platform will take a part of the fee for sharing, of course, many companions do not simply rely on this to make money, they earn the most is the "boss" sent red envelopes and tips, "after placing an order, customers can also specify the dress of the companion".

"Once I ordered to play offline, a young girl came, and when I asked, I knew it was a minor. And the account I placed the order clearly shows that the companion is an adult. Xiao Li, a player from Nanjing, Jiangsu, complained that some bad platforms are irresponsible, what should minors do if they meet people with bad intentions when they accompany them, and who will bear the responsibility?

Recently, the reporter came to an Internet café in Songjiang District, Shanghai, and asked whether the Internet café could provide escort services. The front desk staff took out his mobile phone and showed the reporter a picture with a QR code, which said "YOUN E-sports Teaching Assistant Club" and indicated the price "128 yuan per hour for teaching assistants; Queen's $200 an hour."

The reporter added the social account of the teaching assistant, and the other party said that he could accompany shopping, eating, watching movies, playing billiards and board games, and put forward the precautions: "It does not provide private places such as hotels, home visits, and private theaters." Bar KTV drinking places Please follow the principle of voluntary drinking and respect girls! Do not force irrigation. Do not mess with or molest women. The other party said that some people ordered offline to play with them, and their motivation was bad, thinking that they could move their hands and feet casually.

Industry chaos calls for regulation

Participation of minors is strictly prohibited

For the companion play industry, the experts interviewed believe that the accompanying play actually plays a role in companionship, which meets the needs of some people's emotional consumption, but the chaos exposed by the random entry of minors and the problem of pornography-related sexual "brushing" needs to be paid attention to.

Wang Sixin, a professor at the Communication University of China, believes that two issues should be focused on, one is to prevent teenagers from getting involved in the sex trade, and the other is to be vigilant against the large amount of polluting information that may be generated, and to eliminate the form of yellow merchants from the root, strengthen rectification to avoid the formation of gray industry chains.

Han Yingwei, a senior partner at Beijing Yingke Law Firm, said that if online escorts are suspected of "spreading pornography", regardless of whether they are profit-making, reaching a certain amount or causing serious consequences may constitute a crime. At present, the public security organs' network cleaning operation has also paid attention to the pornography-related phenomenon in the companion industry, and cracked down, including timely handling, urging website platforms to clean up vulgar and harmful information, sealing and disposing of illegal accounts, and removing pornography-related apps.

In Han Yingwei's view, to rectify the chaos of accompanying play, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and standardization of venues for offline companion and pornography-related behavior, and relevant departments should issue normative legal documents to supervise and guide.

Wang Sixin proposed that the platform should further strengthen management, strictly screen, monitor in real time, coordinate and cooperate with law enforcement departments, and further improve the ability to investigate and warn pornography-related information; Once discovered, promptly deal with it, quickly cut off the chain of dissemination of pornography-related information, reduce the impact, strengthen the severity of punishment, and increase the cost of violations. Each platform should communicate with each other in a timely manner, strengthen cooperation, share information, jointly ban and ban pornography-related accounts, and promptly provide clues that may be criminal offenses to the public security organs.

"As network operators and network service providers, internet platforms should first strengthen the management of the user registration process, raise the registration threshold, strictly require real-name registration, one certificate and one number, and strictly prohibit minors from participating." Han Yingwei said.

Wang Sixin believes that the companion industry should first follow national laws and regulations and social order and good customs, strengthen the quality education of service personnel in the industry, implement hierarchical and categorical management of platforms, and introduce a joint credit punishment mechanism for supervision based on the reputation of service providers and records in the past use of information services.

"Raise the threshold for employment, set strict assessment standards, ensure the access qualifications of the accompanying industry entities, unify filing management, and strengthen publicity and education." At present, where the business scope and boundaries of the companion industry are not clear, a clear and clear business scope and business requirements should be established to avoid the intersection of legitimate companion behavior and illegal and criminal acts. Han Yingwei said.

Han Yingwei suggested that supervision and management should be strengthened throughout the whole process, and a sound complaint, reporting and responsibility tracking mechanism should be established. For the companion platform, both supervision and review should be carried out, and the supervision and management system and accountability mechanism within the platform should be improved. For individuals who accompany the player, raise the threshold for entry into the industry, unified management assessment, establish bad behavior files, once there is a bad behavior record, timely disposal, revoke the qualification of the practitioner, and achieve purification and development within the industry.