Minor illnesses and major repairs, sitting on the floor starting prices, so that consumers suffer a lot of dumb losses

How does the home repair charge, "all by one mouth"?

Air conditioner fluoride, fifty or sixty yuan finally becomes more than 1600,<> yuan; After spending <> yuan, the range hood was still not repaired; Unclogging the sewer costs hundreds of dollars in a few minutes... Some practitioners in the home repair industry take advantage of consumers' lack of understanding of professional knowledge, minor illnesses and major repairs, sitting prices, how to repair, how much to spend, "all rely on their own mouth", so that consumers suffer a lot of dumb losses. Home repair chaos, it's time to take care of it seriously!

It cost 1600 yuan and it still didn't fix it

In March this year, Li Fei found that the range hood he had used for many years was always not exhausting smoke, and found a home appliance repair company on the Internet. After the master came to check, he said that there was a problem with the smoke exhaust pipe, and it was necessary to widen the smoke exhaust port, and a labor fee of 3 yuan was charged. Without waiting for Li Fei to say anything, the master took out a new smoke exhaust pipe and quickly installed it. "Material and installation costs 300 yuan. I'll install another check valve, high temperature resistance, anti-odor, anti-smoke prevention, and now the newly installed range hoods are equipped with this. ”

"I thought it was a hundred dollars." Li Fei didn't say much, but in the end, all the expenses added up to a total of 1600 yuan. After the maintenance master left, Li Fei checked on the Internet, and the smoke exhaust pipe was only twenty or thirty yuan, and the most expensive check valve was only 100 yuan. What made Li Fei even more depressed was that it didn't take two days, and the range hood could not be used normally. Li Fei called the 12345 hotline, and the market supervision department intervened to deal with it, and finally the platform agreed to pay 1000,<> yuan.

In terms of unclogging sewers, there are also many routines. Zhan Jing lives in an old community in Fengtai, and the sewers at home are not smooth. She searched for a maintenance master through the online platform, and the other party said: "100 yuan is enough, and if the situation is complicated, add additional money." "After the master came, he first tested the water, there was no blockage, but he said that there was an echo in the sewage and something in it, and then he used the machine to tinker a few times, saying that the impurities could not go through, and the sewer dissolver must be used.

"1 jin 120 yuan can dissolve the impurities of cement blocks, but I don't know how much to use. The master fell once, and I asked if the sewer was not blocked, didn't it all flow away, but the master said that it would survive in the bend. Zhan Jing thought about pouring once, dissolving it should be almost. Then the master asked her to find a hose for flushing. When Zhan Jing took the hose back, 1 bucket of 10 kilograms of dissolvent had already used 5 kilograms, and after flushing water several times, the master said that it was through, and the charge was 700 yuan. "In a few minutes, the big few hundred dollars are gone. How much material is used is the master's decision, and how much is said. Zhan Jing finally bargained to 660 yuan, "Eat a long and wise, next time you must keep an eye on it." ”

"It's not expensive to repair, fifty or sixty dollars." When the high temperature was some time ago, Xiao Song found that the two Gree air conditioners at home were not cooling, and he checked it on the Internet, it may be that Freon is insufficient. So, I searched on the Internet and contacted a home appliance repair service company, and the company immediately sent a master to repair it. After half an hour, the Freon was finished, but the price quoted by the master surprised him, "The door-to-door fee, maintenance fee and fluoridation fee are a total of 5160 yuan." It turned out that the "fifty or sixty yuan" mentioned by the platform was just the price of a pressure unit of Freon.

The reporter found that in the complaints about the home repair industry, unreasonable charges accounted for the "majority", and the existing problems involved sitting prices and sky-high asking prices.

The pricing is not uniform, and the fee exploits the loophole

"Some big brands may have a breakdown of charges, but some small businesses have nothing, and we don't understand, whether it is repair or replacement, basically what the master said is what." During the interview, many members of the public expected the maintenance industry to clearly mark prices.

The reporter learned that although the "Measures for the Administration of Home Appliance Maintenance Service Industry" stipulates that home appliance maintenance operators shall not falsely list, exaggerate, or forge maintenance service items or content, shall not falsely report faulty parts, and deliberately replace parts with normal performance; The Provisions on Clearly Marked Prices and Prohibition of Price Gouging, which came into effect on July 2022, 7, also clarifies that business operators are not allowed to sell goods or provide services at a markup price in addition to the marked price, and must not charge unspecified fees. However, at present, there is still no explicit provision for the maintenance cost of home appliances, some consumers are not clear about the charging guidelines of various brands, and many maintenance projects still have the problem of inconsistent pricing standards, which the public cannot check, and it is easy to be exploited.

Services are often outsourced and the barrier to entry is low

"There is currently no threshold for maintenance services." Guo Chibing, chairman of the presidium of the Council of China Household Electrical Appliance Service and Repair Association, said bluntly. In the reporter's interview, it was found that many home appliance manufacturers often outsource maintenance services to third parties due to cost considerations, while their own supervision is relatively lagging behind. In addition, the Internet platform does not manage the operators stationed on the platform in place, and the review of their license qualifications and technical level is not enough, resulting in the mixing of many maintenance companies and masters with different qualifications, which also aggravates the chaos in the industry.

There is even no threshold for publishing maintenance information on some Internet platforms. The reporter found in the 58.com experience that no procedures and qualifications are required, just a simple description, add a photo, fill in the address, personal contact information, and a message can be released to the public in 1 minute. "You can also join the membership, we recommend it to a prominent position, otherwise no one will see what you post." Customer service speaks bluntly.

"I also want to find an official after-sales channel, but sometimes the master comes to the door to repair and knows that the other party is not from the official platform." As citizen Xiao Xu said, many consumers are fooled in the first step of looking for official after-sales. Sometimes a search on the Internet reveals many recommendations, but the ones who come to the door are "fake after-sales" or even "fake masters" who pretend to be official brands.

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Market supervision: New regulations on "clear pricing" will be introduced

The home repair industry has always been a hot spot for consumer complaints. Many netizens left messages on the complaint platform, hoping that the relevant departments would increase the supervision of the home appliance repair market and crack down on illegal activities. At the same time, the online platform should also fulfill the obligation of prior review, and if the audit is not strict and causes losses to consumers, the platform shall bear the liability for damages.

The reporter learned that on May 5, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau organized a symposium to listen to the opinions and suggestions of relevant parties on the "Beijing Household Electrical Appliance Maintenance Service Clearly Marked Price Regulations (Draft for Comments)". The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will work with relevant departments to promote the issuance of relevant regulations as soon as possible, further standardize the price order of the household appliance maintenance service industry, promote fair competition and healthy development of the market, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators.

Guo Chibing also reminded consumers to supervise during the service process. "Including inquiring and confirming the qualifications of on-site service personnel, requiring reasonable and standardized maintenance service plans, and presenting the charging price list and spare parts and consumables price manual before charging." To complete the service, it is necessary to confirm by the user, let the other party provide service work orders, list vouchers, etc., and provide standardized invoices to complete the charge. Guo Chibing said that attention should be paid to preserving evidence to facilitate rights protection.