Perlib 10:00 am, 09 June 2023

Flexible and flexible, the retirement savings plan allows you to prepare for retirement while lowering your taxable income. With Perlib, let's discover the advantages of subscribing to a PER.

At a time when the various reforms are leading to changes in taxation, we might as well plan ahead. Introduced by the PACTE law of 2019, the PER aims to replace the old retirement savings plans PERCO, PERP, Madelin contract or Article 83. It is aimed at all professionals, regardless of their status or age, and allows you to anticipate your retirement while lowering your taxable income. A real investment for the future. Perlib, a specialist in PER, supports individuals in their efforts.

The PER: what is it?

The individual PER is a long-term savings product that allows you to save during working life, to obtain a pension or capital at the time of retirement. Amounts invested in a year are deductible from that year's taxable income. Open to all, at any time of life, the PER offers great flexibility.

The PER is supported by a managing body, which informs the client of the characteristics of the chosen plan, its management method and its taxation. Each year, he must then communicate to him the evolution of the account, its financial performance, the amount of the fees levied and, from the fifth year before retirement, the terms of exit.

Meilleur PER 2023 supports and advises savers in their efforts.

Many advantages

The PER allows you to save while saving on your taxes. It represents a security, for example to deal with possible fluctuations in the financial markets. The PER is limited by a ceiling (up to 10% of taxable income) and can be affected from retirement age, unless it is released before under certain conditions. The accumulated savings are recovered in the form of an annuity or capital paid in several instalments. You can choose not to benefit from the tax reduction, to enjoy a tax advantage at the time of exit from the PER. The management of retirement savings is entrusted to a manager, which minimizes risks and maximizes the chances of capital gain.

To know concretely what benefits to derive from a PER, Perlib offers a PER simulator to define the amount of additional pension that would be affected.

Choosing the right PER

In order to choose the right PER, it is necessary to analyze the arbitration fees and the annual management fees (up to 2% of the contract) or the entry fees, which can go up to 4%. Then, consider the amount of the payment fees, the flexibility of the contract or the terms of exit. Finally, let's not forget the choice of insurance contract, different according to needs.

Perlib guarantees

Perlib, a specialist in PER, life insurance and real estate investments, helps individuals reduce taxes and optimize their personal finances in an ever-changing world.

Perlib supports individuals in their investments to best prepare for their retirement, by offering them digital savings offers. Thanks to Perlib's expertise, the procedures are simplified and it is possible to sort through the many offers thanks to different simulators.

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