, June 6 -- The website of the Ministry of Commerce released on the 9th the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce, the General Office of the Development and Reform Commission, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the General Office of the State Administration for Market Regulation on Promoting the Consumption of Green Smart Home Appliances in 9" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), the "Notice" proposed to carry out in-depth exchange of home appliances for new ones, and solidly promote green smart home appliances to the countryside.

The Notice proposes to coordinate and organize green and smart home appliance consumption promotion activities. Combined with the design of various consumption scenarios of the Ministry of Commerce's "2023 Consumption Boost Year", coordinate online and offline consumption channels, organize and hold activities such as home appliance festivals, shopping festivals, and online shopping festivals, and create a strong atmosphere for green and smart home appliance consumption. Comply with the development trend of digital home, explore the integrated consumption of home appliances and home. Support home appliance enterprises to open green smart home appliance experience stores in pedestrian streets, business districts, and quarter-hour convenient living circles around the "home scene", and encourage activities such as the debut of new stores and the debut of new products to continuously improve the consumer experience. Promote the consumption of green and smart home appliances to meet the diversified consumption needs of consumers. Increase the publicity of knowledge related to green and intelligent home appliances, and spread the concept of green, intelligent and healthy home appliance consumption.

The "Notice" makes it clear that it is necessary to carry out in-depth exchange of home appliances for new ones. Formulate and improve the work plan for the replacement of home appliances, and establish and improve the working mechanism to ensure the fair participation of home appliance enterprises. Encourage localities with the capacity to improve the convenience of the delivery and subsidy collection of waste home appliances by organizing production enterprises, e-commerce platforms, physical commerce, and recycling enterprises to establish docking mechanisms, build collaborative platforms, and clarify replacement processes, and promote the upgrading and replacement of green smart home appliances. Actively promote the certification of green home appliances and smart home appliances, and guide home appliance enterprises to further enrich the supply of green smart home appliances. Vigorously promote certified green smart home appliances, and guide consumers to give priority to purchasing home appliances such as level 2 and above energy efficiency (water efficiency) refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water heaters, water purifiers, and air purifiers.

The "Notice" requires that green smart home appliances be solidly promoted to the countryside. Support home appliance manufacturers to accelerate the development and promotion of green smart home appliances such as water heaters, range hoods, and microwave ovens that are cost-effective, easy to operate, and of excellent quality in view of the characteristics of rural markets and consumer demand. Strengthen the construction of home appliance marketing networks, guide home appliance production, sales, maintenance, recycling enterprises and e-commerce platforms to sink channels, set up direct stores, experience stores, service outlets, recycling sites, and front warehouses at the county and township levels, promote green and smart home appliances to the countryside, and further tap the consumption potential of the rural market.

The "Notice" proposes to implement after-sales service improvement actions for home appliances. All relevant departments strengthen coordination and linkage, organize and guide home appliance production, sales and maintenance enterprises to actively participate in home appliance after-sales service improvement actions, accelerate the discovery and cultivation of a number of excellent home appliance after-sales service enterprises, and strive to improve the level of specialization, standardization and convenience of home appliance after-sales service. Guide the after-sales service of home appliances into the community, business circle, and platform, expand the coverage of convenient service points, create an after-sales service platform, and provide personalized services such as online appointment and door-to-door for different consumer needs, so as to create a high-quality and convenient after-sales service environment.

The Notice makes it clear that the recycling of waste home appliances should be strengthened. Actively promote the construction of waste material recycling system, promote the diversification and large-scale development of recycling subjects, accelerate the organic combination of online waste delivery and offline recycling through "Internet + recycling" and other modes, and improve the recycling capacity and standardization level of waste home appliances. Promote more home appliance manufacturers to carry out recycling target responsibility actions, and promote the transformation and upgrading of waste home appliance recycling. Guide home appliance sales and after-sales service enterprises to use the sales and service network, combined with home appliances trade-in and green smart home appliances to the countryside, to provide waste home appliances convenient recycling services. In view of the different characteristics of urban and rural markets, rely on the waste material recycling network to carry out the recycling of waste home appliances, and strengthen the public welfare publicity of standardized recycling of waste home appliances.