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House with PV system

Photo: blickwinkel / IMAGO

The Federal Network Agency warns of inadequate accessories for photovoltaic systems. These are so-called inverters – these devices convert the direct current produced into alternating current, which can be used in the household. "Unfortunately, we find numerous products that are inadmissible or potentially dangerous," said Klaus Müller, President of the Authority.

According to the Federal Network Agency, both products that are available in brick-and-mortar stores and those from online retail are affected. During inspections, numerous deficiencies were found.

The authority pointed out that it is prohibited to distribute or use products in Germany that do not have a CE marking. Accordingly, a German operating manual and a European contact person at the provider are also mandatory. "These formal requirements for products are important because they signal to consumers when they buy that they can use these products without hesitation."

The Federal Network Agency also advised consumers to find out about the provider before buying an inverter, for example from the consumer advice centres or Stiftung Warentest. The price of the selected inverter should also be "plausible compared to competitors". If you are unsure, you should ask the provider questions about the product – "reputable sellers answer questions quickly and gladly," the authority advised.