According to the Cabinet Office's Economy Watchers Survey in May, which asks workers how they feel about the economy, the index showing the current state of the economy rose for the fourth consecutive month due to an increase in the number of people attending events and eating out.

This survey is an index of more than 25,2000 people who work from the 3th of last month to the end of the month asking them how they feel about the economy compared to three months ago.

As a result, the index indicating the current state of the economy was 55.0, 0.4 points higher than the previous month and increased for the fourth consecutive month.

According to the Cabinet Office, the reason is that the food and beverage and service industries are doing well due to the shift of the new coronavirus to "Class 5" under the Infectious Diseases Act, various events without restrictions are held, and the number of people going out to eat out increases.

In the survey, high-end restaurants in Kyushu said that "the number of people is increasing, and both tourists and local customers are using banquets more often," and food manufacturers in the southern Kanto region say that "meetings are reviving and demand for souvenirs is increasing."

On the other hand, the index, which indicates the outlook for the economy two to three months ahead, was 2.3, down 54.4 points from the previous month and down for the first time in six months.