Aurélien Fleurot / Photo credit: STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP 09:27, 08 June 2023, modified at 09:28, 08 June 2023

As the summer holidays approach, the Minister of Transport has asked highway companies to lower toll rates before the start of the summer season. French people who use holiday vouchers will be able to benefit from rebates. But how are toll prices set?

How to reduce the holiday bill? Transport Minister Clément Beaune is asking motorway companies to lower toll rates this summer. And it was heard: Vinci and APRR have announced offers that will allow those who use holiday vouchers to save 20 to 25% on the price of the toll. A tariff that is constantly controversial. But then, how are toll prices set?

The concession contracts concluded with the State set a framework that motorway companies such as Vinci, Sanef or Eiffage must respect. Each tariff increase must be validated by the Council of State before coming into force each year on 1 February.

Rates that have increased due to inflation in recent months

Tariffs that have increased by 4.75% this year, mainly taking into account inflation, but also according to operating expenses and work carried out, as stipulated in the contracts which, on the other hand, do not provide for a reduction in prices. In this respect, the State has no other means than incentives.

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The Association of French Motorway Companies has detailed the distribution of the money collected: the State recovers 39% through taxes, and 61% therefore goes to motorway networks which reinvest half of it in the modernization of infrastructure.