China News Network, June 6 (Reporter Wu Tao) On June 6, the reporter learned from Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. that the first domestic large cruise ship "Aida Modu" was successfully undocked, and the "Dunhuang Flying Ribbon" Chu Chu was moving.

According to reports, the "Aida Modu" was successfully undocked at the No. 2 dock of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd., and fully opened the decisive battle cycle of dock mooring test, sea trial and naming and delivery, which is only one step away from the historic moment of picking the "last crown jewel" of the shipbuilding industry, filling the gap of domestic large-scale cruise ships, and achieving zero breakthrough in the field of large-scale cruise ship construction.

Representing the highest level, it is known as a mobile "modern city on the sea"

As we all know, aircraft carriers, large cruise ships, and large liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers are known as the "three pearls" in the crown of the world's shipbuilding industry, representing the "supreme level" of today's global shipbuilding industry and symbolizing a country's comprehensive national strength.

Data map: Aerial photography of China's first domestically produced large cruise ship "Aida Modu". Photo by Yin Liqin

With a gross tonnage of 13,55 tonnes, the AIDA Mordu is classified by Lloyd's Register (LR) and China Register of Shipping (CCS). It has a total length of 323.6 meters, a beam of 37.2 meters, a maximum draft of 8.55 meters, a maximum speed of 22.6 knots, a maximum capacity of 5246,2125 passengers, and <>,<> guest rooms.

The Ada Modu adopts a pod-type electric propulsion system with two 2.16 MW, three 8.3 MW main diesel generators with a total power of 9.6 MW and two 62.4 MW pod thrusters.

"Aida Modu" is located in more than 4,6 square meters (nearly 16 standard football fields) with a huge superstructure living and entertainment public area with <> floors, with a large performance center, large restaurants, specialty restaurants, various bars, cafes, art corridors, SPA, water park and other colorful leisure and entertainment facilities.

The "Aida Magic Capital" also has the largest duty-free shop on the sea, a happy twist drama, a maritime exploration camp that integrates artificial intelligence and STEAM courses, and 5G signal coverage... Its luxury exceeds that of a five-star hotel, and it is known as a mobile "modern city on the sea".

As one of the most difficult ship types to design and build, large cruise ships are the only high-tech and high-value-added ship products that China has not conquered. The number of parts and components on its entire ship reached 2500 million, which is equivalent to 919 times that of the 5 large aircraft and 13 times that of the "Fuxing" high-speed rail; The total cable arrangement length of the whole ship reaches 4200,<> kilometers, which is equivalent to the distance from Shanghai to Lhasa.

Infographic. Photo by Yin Liqin

It is particularly worth mentioning that the zoning and system types of the "Aida Modu" air conditioning system are complex and diverse, which are mainly equipped with 5 sets of main refrigerant water system and 7 sets of emergency refrigeration system, and the system also includes about 100 central air conditioners, nearly 2500,14000 sets of fan coils and more than 40,1 user terminals. There is also a high-pressure water mist fire protection system with a total length of more than 1 kilometers, and the number of atomizing nozzles exceeds 2800,<>. Through the segmented design, the minutes meet the fire protection needs of more than <>,<> cabins, common areas and mechanical premises of the ship, and also meet the requirements of ship owners and ship inspection specifications.

Second sea trials were held in July and August, and a naming and delivery ceremony was held in November

The reporter learned from Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding that at present, the overall progress of "Aida Modu" is 94.62%, and the construction progress is 92.159%. According to the plan, the second sea trial will be carried out in July and August to fully verify the functions related to cruise ship safety, such as power and propulsion system, fire fighting, fire alarm, life-saving, communication and navigation, vibration and noise, and safe return to port, complete the acceptance and submission of cabin and public area installation works, and hold a naming and delivery ceremony during the sixth China International Import Expo in November.

Validation of key projects and overcoming key technologies for weight/center of gravity control

Large cruise ships are a giant system project with more complex technology, higher design and construction requirements, and more risks and challenges. Therefore, a series of technical verifications for some key items in the floating state of the cruise ship are indispensable operating processes to ensure their overall safety.

The staff carried out renovation work at the central reception inside the ship. Photo by Yin Liqin

Since the early morning of June 6, the "Aida Mordo" has started a six-day operation of water injection floating, displacement and undocking. During this period, the weight/center of gravity and stability of the entire ship are measured by the hull tilt test. Weight/center of gravity control is one of the three core technologies throughout the cruise lifecycle. For large cruise ships, a small deviation in the weight of an empty ship can lead to a large loss of deadweight tonnage, while a deviation in the position of the center of gravity can have a large impact on stability and safety or passenger comfort.

Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding has overcome the key technology of cruise ship weight/center of gravity control by introducing digestion and independent innovation. Through this tilt test, the design and development results were verified again, and the test results were perfect, and the weight center of gravity data was controllable.

In addition, the "Aida Mordo" verified the function of the lifeboats throughout the ship through decoupling and cruise tests. The "Aida Mordo" is equipped with a total of 20 oversized lifeboats, with a rated crew of 314 people per boat, which can accommodate more than 90% of the maximum lifesaving capacity of the ship. Under the premise of completing the frame load and lifting test, each lifeboat is decoupled, paraded and recovered one by one to verify the performance under normal working conditions and emergency conditions.

The "Aida Mordo" uses a high-pressure water gun to flush the porthole to test its tightness. After the large cruise ship floats in the dock, the internal stress of the hull structure is released, and the structure may produce slight changes, which will have a certain degree of impact on the tightness of the side door. There are a total of 42 portions on the left and right sides of the "Aida Modu", and 40 portholes are flushed according to the requirements of the design code. In order to ensure the perfect function of the side door, by simulating the state of sea navigation, the sealing performance of each door is tested by high-pressure water gun flushing at a distance of 1.5 meters from the porthole.

After scientific and rigorous tests, a series of major scientific research achievements made by China's first large-scale cruise ship in the stages of design, technology, production preparation, final assembly construction, interior engineering and system integration have been further verified, fully demonstrating that the "Aida Modu" fully meets the technical requirements of undocking and can be transferred to a new stage of docking test, sea trial and naming and delivery.

It is of great significance and has formed a series of scientific and technological innovation achievements

On October 2019, 10, the "Aida Modu" officially started firing and igniting steel plate cutting at Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding, and fully entered the substantive construction stage. On November 18, 2020, it was fully transferred to the stage of continuous loading and assembly in the dock, realizing a major leap from detailed design, production design to actual ship final assembly. On October 11, 10, the whole ship was connected, the first floating in the dock was realized on December 2021, 10, and the docking was successfully released on June 18, 2021.

Staff work on various areas inside the ship. Photo by Yin Liqin

Through the introduction of digestion and independent innovation, the application of digitalization, informatization and intelligence, "Aida Modu" has successively carried out special research on cruise ship design, construction, project management, etc., and has successively overcome a series of core key technologies for the completion and commissioning management of giant system projects such as weight control, vibration and noise reduction and safe return to Hong Kong, and formed a series of scientific and technological innovation achievements.

At the same time, enterprises such as Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding and CSSC Cruise under China Shipbuilding Group have cooperated with Shanghai, Pudong New Area and Baoshan District to help Shanghai accelerate the construction of cruise tourism development demonstration zone, international cruise industrial park and international cruise tourism resort, and contribute to the formation of a world-class cruise industry cluster area with international influence in Shanghai in the future.

Some analysts pointed out that the successful release of the "Aida Modu" will certainly have a significant and far-reaching impact on China's efforts to build a high-quality and high-level local cruise industry ecology and build a maritime power, a manufacturing power, and a scientific and technological power. (End)