Amid the issue of labor shortages at food manufacturing sites, an exhibition featuring the latest technologies, such as robots that can serve ingredients in containers, began on the 6th.

This exhibition is held at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-ku, Tokyo, and more than 960 companies are exhibiting.

Among them, a robot manufacturer in Tokyo is exhibiting a humanoid robot that can serve food in containers.

This robot can move two units in tandem, and the robots can supplement each other's work to efficiently perform work in food factories.

In addition, a specialized trading company in Osaka exhibits a device that can automatically serve bento ingredients without the presence of people, and introduces the process of serving ingredients in containers.

By utilizing image recognition technology and sensors, ingredients with different shapes, such as fried karaage and fried shrimp, can be grasped with the tip of the same hand.

Tsuneyuki Minami, vice chairman of the Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association, which hosted the exhibition, said, "As the Japan working population is decreasing, securing workers in food factories is an urgent task.

The exhibition is open until June 6.