China News Network, June 6 (Reporter Li Jinlei) Recently, the incident of "suspected eating rat heads in the meals of a college in Jiangxi" continued to ferment. Jiangxi Industrial Vocational and Technical College reported that the student concerned confirmed that the "foreign object" was a duck neck after comparison. Relevant personnel of the Nanchang High-tech Zone Market Supervision Bureau also said that the preliminary determination was a duck neck.

Relevant school briefings.

Many parties clarified that the "rat head" was a duck neck, but the incident did not subside, but triggered more discussion and questioning. Many netizens insisted on their "seeing is believing", believing that "foreign matter" is a rat's head instead of a duck's neck, and even deduced new words such as "referring to a mouse as a duck".

The rat's head is still a duck's neck, what was originally a simple judgment question has become a Rashomon. Why don't netizens believe that this is a duck neck? The reason for this is that there is no convincing explanation for the key questions, and the question marks in the public's minds have not really been straightened.

What netizens care about is, what is the "white thorn" that looks like a mouse's "teeth" in the video? What exactly is a beard-like thing? What is the basis for determining that it is a duck's neck? Why is a good duck neck considered a "rat's head"? These key questions have not yet been clearly answered, in this case, a dry "this is a duck neck" will only make people more puzzled and confused, and many netizens will prefer to believe in intuitive video pictures to make their own judgments.

Coupled with the fact that there has been a "rat incident" in the school before, according to media reports, in 2021, the Nanchang Market Supervision Administration exposed the problem of rats entering the school's back kitchen, which further aggravated the doubts and distrust of netizens.

Of course, we can't make a final conclusion based on videos or pictures alone, because sometimes "seeing is not believing", but in order to convince everyone of the judgment of duck neck and solve this "duck and mouse mystery", it is necessary for authoritative departments and institutions to provide more specific and detailed evidence, such as public food test reports, relevant pictures and videos. Only by showing the complete investigation process, providing sufficient evidence, giving a convincing explanation, and being open, fair and transparent can the public's doubts be dispelled.

People's livelihood is no small matter, food safety is more important than the sky, the "duck and mouse mystery" incident highlights the people's great attention to food safety, but also to the relevant subjects to remind a wake-up call, in the video era, the response must not only be timely, but also persuasive, stand up to scrutiny, convincing, otherwise it will fall into the "clear and unclear" embarrassment and passivity. (End)