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Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie: In shades that inspired the director even as a girl

Photo: Warner Bros. / ZUMA Press / IMAGO

According to »Architectural Digest«, the proportions on the set for the new Barbie film are already more than a fifth smaller than ordinary sets. How else are the actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling supposed to come across as stubborn as the plastic template. And despite the smaller size, so much pink and pink paint was needed on the set that the manufacturer had problems with delivery.

The film's production designer, Sarah Greenwood, went even further in an interview with the trade journal and even claimed: "The world has run out of pink."

However, the consequences in the stiffening supervised by director Greta Gerwig should not have been quite so drastic. Nevertheless, the "dream house", in which, in addition to walls and ceilings, even chair legs and table tops shine in bright pink, used up much of the corresponding color.

Supply chain and weather impacted paint production

Lauren Proud of paint manufacturer Rosco, who supplied the set with the bright pink, confirmed to the Los Angeles Times: "They used as much paint as we had." She is quoted as saying, "There was this scarcity." And: "Then we gave them everything we could."

Proud, however, qualified that the conditions for this were also special. On the one hand, because the product that had become scarce was a special, fluorescent pink. On the other hand, because the paint was needed at a time when the manufacturer was suffering from the international disruptions to the supply chain caused by the corona pandemic – and severe frost in Texas in 2021 had destroyed raw materials for the production of the paint.

Despite these problems, a Barbie film with less bright pink was not an option for director Gerwig. "I wanted the pink tones to be very bright and everything was almost too much," she told the Los Angeles Times. She added that she didn't want to forget "what excited me so much about Barbie as a little girl."