The live broadcast room leads directly to the "road to rich"? It's all routines!

□ this newspaper reporter Rosasha

□ Correspondents of this newspaper: Jiao Weiqi and Li Chunhe

Customized the well-known investment management company with the same name "wealth management" App, set up a stock speculation exchange group, opened a live broadcast room every day financial celebrities to teach in person, regularly share "bull stocks", called Zhizhao is actually to sell "wealth management products", a live broadcast room direct to the "road to rich" scam since then kicked off, less than 3 months, Fu and others made a profit of nearly one million yuan, victims throughout Beijing, Shandong, Yunnan and other 7 provinces.

In 2021, when the police in Runzhou District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province handled the fraud case of Li and others, they found that the criminal suspect Li had also made a "wealth management" app and sold it to Fu.

Recently, the Runzhou District Procuratorate prosecuted a certain person and his accomplices on the crime of fraud in accordance with the law, and the court sentenced Fu and the other eight defendants to fixed-term imprisonment of 8 years and three months to <> months' imprisonment, suspended for one year, suspended for one year, and fined each of them, and sentenced the defendant Li to nine months' imprisonment, suspended for one year, and fined him <>,<> yuan for the crime of helping information network criminal activities.

In May 2020, Dai, a senior shareholder in Kunming, Yunnan, learned about a stock trading exchange group during a casual chat with friends, which could provide professional guidance and quickly increase income, and joined the group after being invited by a WeChat friend of "wealth manager Wang Ling". Since then, "Wang Ling" often shared his stock speculation experience with Dai, and recommended the link to the "Golden Jade Full Hall" live broadcast room, saying that there are "financial big coffee" classes every day, Dai After listening to the class several times, he felt that the expert spoke very well, and from time to time there was information about shareholders in the group "playing new stocks" to make money, and there were even screenshots of shareholders following the teacher's advice to buy stocks and rising sharply, which made Dai heartbroken.

In early July 2021, "Wang Ling" told Dai that in order to give back to shareholders, "Dongmou Securities" will launch a batch of "new stock" quotas and there will be lottery activities, but it needs to pay attention to the recharge operation of the "A Certain Capital" App. Dai then downloaded the App and recharged a total of 7,50 yuan, but the "teacher" guided the purchase of stocks but kept losing money, and after ten days, the App could not log in, and "Wang Ling" and the "teacher" who taught the class were completely lost, and Dai woke up like a dream. And victims like Dai are all over the country.

After investigation, from February to July 2021, the defendant Fu entrusted the defendant Li to develop the "A Certain Xin Capital" App, funded by Liu (to be dealt with in a separate case) to build a "golden and jade full hall" online live broadcast room, recruited many people to serve as lecturers, and deceived investors into trusting investors under the guise of teaching stock trading knowledge in the live broadcast room, encouraging them to pay attention to the "A Certain Qiu Capital" App, and then tricking the victims into recharging. In fact, although the App looks similar to normal stock trading software, the account is a personal account, once the victim enters the App, regardless of whether he buys stocks or not, the funds are no longer controlled by himself, and the balance in the App is just a false number.

In order to make profits quickly, Fu developed 6 "agents" by agreeing on fraud sharing to "outsource" the task of mining fraud targets. Among them, Li Moujia recruited 10 salesmen, leased office space, purchased mobile phones, WeChat accounts, QQ numbers, etc. for salesmen to use, arranged salesmen to appear in the name of "financial manager" and "teacher assistant", and contacted shareholders through WeChat addition, telephone invitation, etc., and the salesman mobilized shareholders to listen to classes in the "golden and jade full hall" live broadcast room according to the "speech skills" provided by Fu and the "teacher", and then downloaded the sales App to recharge.

After the case is transferred for review and prosecution, the procurator in charge clarifies the identity, role, and profit of participants at each level by focusing on reviewing electronic data information such as WeChat chat records and transfer records between each defendant, accurately distinguishes between principal and accessory offenders, and finally determines that defendant Fu is the main offender, and Li Moujia and other 7 are accomplices, and puts forward leniency and sentencing recommendations for defendants who admit guilt and accept punishment, return stolen goods and make restitution, and have shown meritorious deeds by turning themselves in, to ensure that they are punished.

While handling the case in accordance with the law, the procuratorial organ urged Fu and the other five defendants to voluntarily return the stolen goods and pay 5,75 yuan in compensation through interpretation of the law, reasoning and education and transformation, so as to recover economic losses for the victims.

Li Chunhe, deputy director of the Fourth Procuratorate Department of the Runzhou Procuratorate, said that people with financial needs should remember that pies will not fall from the sky, and should not believe the investments such as "steady profits without losses" and "low cost and high returns" that netizens say; Do not add "investment groups", do not trust "financial experts", do not believe in "several times profits", and do not register "investment members" from unknown sources. Investment is risky, financial management needs to be cautious! Please look for formal channels and do not trust investment apps pushed by strangers.

(Rule of Law Daily)