Noa Moussa / Photo credit: XOSE BOUZAS / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 06:17, 04 June 2023

This Sunday, some will take advantage of the morning to find a bouquet of flowers, jewelry or other sweets to offer for Mother's Day. A celebration placed this year under the sign of inflation. The essential gifts display, indeed, much higher prices.

Her green apron around her neck, Aurore, a 34-year-old florist, composes her last bouquets of roses before Mother's Day this Sunday. A festival intended to celebrate all the mothers of France and Navarre but which also makes it possible to measure the extent of inflation. "The red rose easily took a euro and a few in a week because there were a lot of requests on the France. It's true that for Mother's Day, we offer a lot, "confirms Aurore.

"They just come to taste a piece of chocolate and they leave"

In the shop opposite, Yanis sells chocolate bouquets. But customers are scarce since the increase in its prices in store. "We have a bouquet that cost 20.70 euros, today it costs 23.70 euros. In general, it is a bouquet that customers often take so it bothers them greatly. They buy a little less where there are some who do not buy at all. They just come to taste a piece of chocolate and they leave empty-handed."


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However, leaving empty-handed is not an option for Joseph, 51. Despite inflation, this regular at the shop plans to offer a chocolate heart to the mother of his children. "We take inflation into account. The last time I came, I took two hearts. Maybe I'll only take one with something a little smaller." This year, this father will have spent 31 euros. This is a little less than the average basket of the French for Mother's Day, which is around 50 euros.