Three Israeli soldiers, an 'Egyptian policeman' killed at Israeli-Egyptian border

Three Israeli soldiers, including a woman, were shot dead on Saturday 3 June by a gunman who had infiltrated Israeli territory from Egypt. The Israelis present the assailant who was shot dead as an "Egyptian policeman", but the circumstances of the shooting are still unclear: a joint Israeli-Egyptian investigation has been opened.

Israeli soldiers hold the entrance to a military base near the Israeli-Egyptian border, after a shooting in the area, June 3, 2023. © Tsafrir Abayov / AP

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With our correspondent in Jerusalem, Michel Paul

This is the first incident of this magnitude in nearly 10 years on the Israel-Egypt border. A crossing point known especially for drugs from the Sinai Peninsula.

This happened near the border town of Nitsana. Contact with a soldier and a soldier patrolling the area was lost and it was only five hours later that their bodies were found. The perpetrator of the attack was located: according to Israel, it was an Egyptian policeman who managed to shoot another Israeli soldier before being eliminated.

A tragic and rare incident, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who promised full light on this attack at the end of an investigation conducted jointly with Egypt, a country with which Israel has excellent security relations.

The IDF wants to determine how the attacker managed to infiltrate Israel, whether he had accomplices and what his motives were, as a military spokesman said "grey areas" remained.

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