Just a few years ago, "goji berries in a thermos cup" was still used to ridicule, but now, the "post-90s" and "post-00s" have begun to join the army of health care, which is not simply funny and terrier, behind it is the rise of the trillion-dollar health industry.

In the era of "whoever catches young people will seize the future", traditional pharmaceutical companies are no longer willing to make progress only at the product level, joining Internet medical treatment and cross-border cooperation with social platforms... Established pharmaceutical companies are playing new tricks, and the correction pharmaceutical industry is a typical example.

Not only medicine, but also a round-the-clock "family doctor"

"Stomach (hey), how are you? Starshu, care is around" "corrective medicine, conscience medicine, reassuring medicine, effective medicine. "Are these slogans familiar to you? As a correction group with a history of nearly 30 years, its star products are still the first choice for many people's family medicine boxes.

Since its development in 1995, Modified Pharmaceutical Group has become a large-scale modern private pharmaceutical enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing, drug chain operation and standard cultivation of Chinese medicinal materials, with more than 1000,700 pharmaceutical varieties and more than <> authorized patents, which is recognized as the quality representative of the industry.

However, in the Internet era, only burying oneself in products can no longer meet the development goals of the revised pharmaceutical industry. At the moment when Internet medical care is driving into the fast lane, in addition to doing a good job, how to create a full range of health care for consumers, extending its tentacles to the Internet, is also a "compulsory course" for pharmaceutical companies, and the correction pharmaceutical industry with a keen sense of industry smell is also stepping up its internal strength.

In recent years, Correction Group has launched the Correction Health Mall (formerly known as the Revised Official Mall), embarked on the frontier road of science and technology empowering health, and during the epidemic, in order to ensure consumers' rapidly growing online drug purchase demand and accelerate its e-commerce business towards digitalization, intelligence and scale, it independently developed and upgraded the Revised Health Mini Program and Revised APP, and made continuous efforts to realize the closed-loop service of "health, medicine and medicine" benefiting the people.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of functions, the modified health mini program can meet the needs of 24-hour drug purchase consultation, and is equipped with intelligent system assistance. Since August 2022, the revised health Mini Program has completed the new version upgrade, which not only gradually optimizes convenient services, but also provides rich health science knowledge for the public to understand, and further expands the service radiation area. It can be said that the revised health mini program is trying to play the role of a consumer's round-the-clock "family doctor".

Play crossover and create "healthy resonance" with young people

Embracing young consumer groups requires not only industry insight, but also what young people think and "resonate" with consumers.

In recent years, the correction has been trying to "play crossover" and interact with young people.

Recently, we have revised the cooperation with Weibo, Douyin, Didi Safe Travel, and cross-border cooperation, using Didi Chuxing, non-lying down health exercises and other methods to awaken young people's attention to bad lifestyles such as staying up late and working overtime, lack of exercise, and playing social platforms to talk to young groups, so that old pharmaceutical companies can be more dynamic.

#Young people after the adjustment fight hard for health#, #Young people choose to work hard between carpooling and fighting#, #Extreme health for young people#, #My gift VS Mom's gift#... On Weibo, the correct skillful "play terrier", some hot chat topics quickly closed the distance between them and young netizens, and occupied Weibo popularity. "Special Forces-style Health" short video everyone has liked and commented under the official micro account, sharing their own experience and health routine, which also makes many "post-90s" and "post-00s" can't help but sigh: It turns out that you are such a correction!

During this year's May Day holiday, the official Shake of the Correction Group separately planned two videos on the theme of "Special Forces Outing", both of which were included in the Douyin hot list #May Day Special Forces Travel Award# topic.

In addition, original comic materials fun understanding health "hot knowledge" and other products, but also in the form of young people like to pass on some health science knowledge, from hair loss troubles to gastrointestinal health care, young people are also beginning to learn health knowledge like their parents, the difference is that they are spreading knowledge in a new form of communication.

The accurate capture of young users' mentality, practical and convenient sharing, and interesting and loving social methods will continue to create common topics between brands and consumers, and inject fresh activity into the rejuvenation of the revised brand.

Revised the Pharmaceutical Industry Contemporary Youth Health Care Guide

Expand the boundaries and add new wings to the old pharmaceutical companies

Innovate and innovate, expand and expand, some people may wonder, why does a pharmaceutical company spend so much energy on these work?

You know, since the release of the "Healthy China 2016" planning outline in 2030, China's large health industry has ushered in explosive growth and development, the industrial scale has expanded rapidly, and the market value has ushered in waves of rapid growth, becoming the leader of China's industrial upgrading.

As a sunrise industry that not only connects people's livelihood and well-being, but also drives economic development, the health industry has become a sharp blade to stimulate domestic demand and promote economic transformation.

Especially at present, health has gradually become an urgent social issue, China's aging population is becoming more and more serious, and the big health industry is soaring all the way through policy dividends, and the development prospects are bright.

It is predicted that by 2030, the scale of China's large health industry may reach 16 trillion yuan, and at the same time, it will create tens of millions of jobs, but also bring trillions of domestic demand growth, becoming a booster for new economic development.

Revised Pharmaceutical, which is deeply engaged in the pharmaceutical field, officially followed the trend, expanded its business boundaries, and added new wings to the development of the enterprise. It is important to do a good job, but in the future, the goals of pharmaceutical companies may not be limited to this. How to care for the health of consumers throughout the life cycle and popularize the concept of health to all Chinese people is a problem that all enterprises in the health industry should think about.

Now, Corrections is exploring a new path in its own way, integrating traditional brands into Internet social networking and extending its business reach to a wider audience, which may become a template for future experiences. At the same time, Correction Pharmaceutical is also telling the outside world that traditional brands not only maintain their original intention in terms of product quality, but also keep moving in dialogue with the times.