Zhongxin Wanghai, June 6 (Reporter Jiang Yu) This reporter learned from Shanghai Customs on 2 June that the pilot reform of "two certificates in one" for imported motor vehicles has been officially launched at the customs.

At 6 o'clock on June 1, at the business window of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port Customs (Waigang Customs), Volvo Car Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. received the first new version of the "Goods Import Certificate" for 9 vehicles imported in China. On the same day, after completing the conformity inspection and assessment at Shanghai Pudong Customs, Suzuki (China) Investment Co., Ltd. also received the first batch of new motorcycle "Cargo Import Certificate" for 38 imported two-wheeled motorcycles. This marks the official launch of the pilot reform of "two certificates in one" of the "Certificate of Import of Goods" and the "Inspection Form for Imported Motor Vehicles" for imported motor vehicles in Shanghai Customs.

Shanghai Pudong customs officers carry out inspection of imported motorcycles Photo courtesy of Shanghai Customs

In May this year, the General Administration of Customs of China issued an announcement that it decided to carry out the pilot reform of "two certificates in one" at Shanghai Customs.

According to Shi Jun, head of the third section of logistics monitoring of the Outer Port Customs, the "Certificate of Import of Goods" is a certification document issued by the customs after completing the procedures for the release of imported cars and motorcycles and applying for the consignee. The "Vehicle Inspection Form for Imported Motor Vehicles" is the conformity assessment conclusion of the Customs on whether the imported vehicle meets the national mandatory standards. Previously, in order to import motor vehicles for sale, it was necessary to obtain the above two documents issued by the customs at the same time. After the launch of the reform pilot, enterprises only need to apply once, and the customs can simultaneously complete all customs clearance links such as the legal release and conformity assessment of imported vehicles, and only issue one certification document for legally imported motor vehicles, and the vehicle management department of the public security organ will determine that the vehicles that come for registration are legally imported.

"The procedures are simplified and the efficiency is improved, and the two certificates have become one certificate, which greatly saves the time and labor costs required to apply for separate certificates," said Wang Ying, head of import customs at Volvo Car Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. "We estimate that after the 'two certificates into one', the average vehicle can be reduced by 1 to 2 days from application to certificate collection compared with before the reform." With this certificate, our company's imported cars can quickly enter the domestic sales link. Suzuki China's sales director Masota Kumazaki said: "The 'two certificates in one' reform has accelerated the speed of domestic deliveries of imported motorcycles in China, and also improved the convenience of end-user licensing. Our company welcomes such reforms. ”

Shanghai is China's main import port for automobiles and motorcycles, automobile imports account for about one-third of the country, motorcycle imports account for seventy percent of the country, the speed of customs clearance of imported motor vehicles has always been the focus of Shanghai Customs, on the one hand, through research, clear enterprise demands, actively report to the General Administration of Customs, seek policy breakthroughs; On the other hand, it takes the initiative to connect with other imported vehicle management departments such as public security traffic management, establish a collaborative promotion mechanism, build an import vehicle supervision data exchange platform, take into account the management needs of other departments, and promote the smooth implementation of the reform pilot.

Zheng Jianping, Director of the Comprehensive Business Division of Shanghai Customs, said: "'Two certificates in one' is not a simple merger of two certificates, let alone a relaxation of regulatory requirements, behind the reform is the organic integration of the two statutory duties of the customs, the exploration and innovation to promote the acceleration and efficiency of vehicle imports at Shanghai Port, and the vivid practice of solving problems in investigation and research." (End)