Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Wang Yinhao) has not yet recovered from the heat of Changping Zhuxinzhuang, and the Beijing soil auction market has reached a new high. On June 6, four homesteads in Beijing were auctioned on-site, and Shunyi Houshayu returned to its highlight after many years.

Following the 0028 plot in Zhuxinzhuang in Changping, the homestead of "first to the top without auction" was reproduced, and the bidding ceiling was triggered in the online quotation link of the two plots. The two parcels belong to the same district, both located in the Houshayu plate within the sixth ring road, Shunyi New Town Plot 6001 is located on the south side of Houshayu Station of the metro, and Shunyi New Town Plot 19-69 is 1 km to the west.

Plots 19-69 in Shunyi New City are the most popular, attracting a total of 45 enterprises to sign up to participate. The land plot is sold with a construction land area of about 3,2 square meters, and the planned construction land area is about 5,68 square meters, with a starting price of 14.4 billion yuan. From the perspective of the quality of the plot itself, the scale of the plot is relatively small, the plot ratio is 1.8, the total price is about 15.16 billion yuan, the registration threshold is not high, and the maximum limit price of the plot is about 6.<> billion yuan, which can meet the participation of many small and medium-sized housing enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that there are nearly 20 private enterprises participating in the above-mentioned plots, becoming the most active land plots in which private enterprises have participated in the past three years. In the end, the land plot reached the "double ceiling" and was "shaken" by Fujian Xiongwang, with a sales area of 16.56 billion yuan + 1,2 square meters of existing houses.

Another case of plot 20 in the 6001th block of Shunyi New Town is also not low, with 36 companies signing up to participate. The land area of the site is about 3,4 square meters, the construction scale is about 6,14 square meters, and the plot ratio is also 1.8. In the end, also relying on the lottery to determine the attribution, Zhongneng Construction was the lucky one, with 17,3075.1 million yuan + 3,<> square meters of existing house sales area.

The reason why the two land plots in Shunyi Houshayu are "eye-catching" is also because of sufficient profit margins, and low density, low total price and high profit are the main reasons for attracting real estate enterprises to participate in the auction.

Zhang Xiaofei, a senior analyst at the China Index Research Institute, pointed out that the guidance price of off-plan housing for the two plots is 5,8 yuan / square meter, and the guidance price for existing houses is 6,3 yuan / square meter, and the final real estate price difference is about <>,<> yuan, which has sufficient profit margins to meet the movement of development enterprises. In addition, Shunyi New Town is close to the Capital Airport, surrounded by mostly low-density communities, the living environment is relatively comfortable, and the project is reliable; And after acquiring the land, enterprises participating in the lottery can form a consortium for joint development, laying the foundation for cooperation in subsequent development.

Under the main theme of the lottery, the tide of foreign enterprises entering Beijing has intensified, and even layman enterprises have come to "try their luck".

In addition to the "vest" mixing, there are indeed many new customers participating in the Beijing soil auction market, such as Yuexiu, Shanghai Dahua, etc., and "raw faces" have come into Beijing to grab land, highlighting the optimism of real estate enterprises on the Beijing market.

"The good business environment has enhanced the confidence of real estate enterprises with development experience in Beijing to continue to cultivate, and has also continuously attracted more foreign real estate enterprises to come to Beijing for layout." According to Yue Wei, an analyst at Beijing Lianjia Research Institute, the current supply mechanism of Beijing's land market is adjusting in a more flexible, open and market-oriented direction. Among them, Beijing's innovative practice of "listing of homestead for sale, land promotion meeting, pre-application system, deposit activation and formal listing" and other measures help real estate enterprises obtain land information in advance and make reasonable decisions, eliminating the impact of "information asymmetry" and directly boosting enterprises' confidence in land acquisition.

Another industry analyst told the Beijing Business Daily reporter that at present, major housing companies are in the stage of "survival", the recovery of the property market in first-tier cities is relatively fast, and the fundamentals of the economy, population, and industry also determine the support of housing demand, and grasping "safety" is the consensus of current housing enterprises. "Nowadays, the real estate market in third- and fourth-tier cities is sluggish, which has led major real estate enterprises to turn their investment to first- and second-tier cities, and even high-quality land plots in first- and second-tier cities before they dare to sell."

In the face of such a hot land auction market, it is inevitable that there will be "bullish" sounds, and the sentiment of the land auction market will drive Beijing's new housing market higher?

According to data from the China Index Research Institute, the transaction scale of new commercial housing in Beijing in May 2023 was about 5,60 square meters, down about 5% from the previous month. On the supply side, the supply area of new commercial housing in Beijing in May was about 14,10 square meters, an increase of about 5% month-on-month. In terms of prices, the price of new residential buildings in Beijing rose 0.04% month-on-month in May, an increase of 0.01 percentage points from the previous month, and a year-on-year increase of 0.65%.

From the current buyer group, the improvement customer group is still the main force of the market, due to the recent weak transaction in the second-hand housing market, resulting in the weakening of the momentum of new house replacement, only the location advantage is obvious, the complete supporting improvement project is relatively good. The differentiation of rigid needs is also obvious, and the core area projects of Changping, Fangshan and Shunyi are relatively better.

Serious market differentiation also brings about the "20 effect" - 80% of new housing projects sell well, <>% of new housing projects cannot sell, "uneven hot and cold" is the most true portrayal of the entire Beijing new housing market.

The above-mentioned analysts bluntly said that the use of high-quality land plots to drive market confidence, and the entry of high-quality land into the market also provides a guarantee for future transaction volume. However, with the increase of slow-selling orders in the market, the pressure on inventory will increase, and the new housing market in Beijing still depends on 80% to determine the direction. In addition, it can be seen that the "uneven hot and cold" is from top to bottom, and the earthen auction market is equally distinct.

At the bidding site on June 6, the 1 plot in front of Shijingshan Yamen was cold. It is understood that the plot is the most difficult to develop among the four parcels, F713 residential mixed public construction land, close to 1,2 square meters of public construction facilities, so it is not favored by real estate enterprises, and finally completed the "support" by Zhonghai, which is deeply cultivated in Shijingshan, with 4.28 billion yuan.