Ma'anshan, Anhui, June 6 (ZHANG Yazi, ZHANG Jun) On June 2, the reporter followed the "high-quality development research tour" interview group into the Magang Smart Park of China Baowu Masteel Group, approached the strongest "brain" of steel production and operation, and deeply understood how it would be different when traditional steel companies had intelligent "brains".

Magang Intelligent Park concentrates Masteel Operation Control Center, Ironmaking Intelligent Control Center and other departments, through the real-time scrolling data and monitoring screens on giant screens, the whole process of steel production is clear at a glance.

In Maanshan City, Anhui Province, the staff of the ironmaking intelligent control center monitors the operation of the system. Photo by Zhang Yazi

Le Jiaping, director engineer of the production control center of the manufacturing management department of China Baowu Ma Steel Group, introduced that the operation control platform integrates Baowu Ma Steel's manufacturing, logistics, equipment, energy, environmental protection, security, emergency and on-site video surveillance, is a multi-professional collaboration, multi-business collaborative management of a comprehensive platform, at present, all the company's information data is collected into the operation control center, including manufacturing management system, equipment management system, smart energy system, security system and decision support system, etc. All system data is collected into the operation control center, which can realize the production control of the whole process of the company and the analysis of production trends.

The picture shows the Maanshan Masteel Factory in Anhui Province, taken by an aerial photograph on August 2022, 8. Photo by Zhang Yazi

"Basically, all the data related to production can be transmitted in real time." Wang Dongge, deputy director of the manufacturing management department of China Baowu Masteel Group, said. Prior to this, various departments of steel production had to rely on telephone communication and scheduling, which was time-consuming, laborious and inefficient. Now, through the various control systems of Magang Smart Park, the entire production scheduling system is integrated to achieve resource sharing, unified scheduling is more convenient, and coordination and command production is faster.

From "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", intelligence and efficiency have become the new labels in the production process of Baowu Ma Steel. In recent years, Ma Steel has deeply promoted the protection of the ecological environment of the Yangtze River, focusing on building a garden-style riverside ecological urban steel mill, which has significantly improved the surrounding urban environment. Last year. Magang Industrial Tourism Scenic Area was officially launched and became a national 3A-level tourist attraction with the theme of steel.