Margaux Fodéré // Photo credit: Myriam Tirler / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 07:21, June 01, 2023

As of Thursday, June 1st, the French have the possibility to cancel their insurance contract online. A small revolution that is now done in three clicks, on one condition: to have or be able to subscribe to an online contract. Objective for the government: to allow the French to save money.

It's a small revolution. No more registered mail or repeated calls to customer service... From this Thursday, June 1st, it is also possible to cancel your car contract, home insurance, health or provident contract online. Objective: to allow consumers to change contracts more easily, and to save money, while it is estimated that 97% of French people have at least one insurance contract according to a YouGov study for Le Comparateur

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A condition to be respected

To cancel your contract in just three clicks, simply log on to the website of your insurance and first click on "cancel your contract". A new page then opens where the insured must fill in several pieces of information and validate them. This is the second click. Finally, the last step: a summary page appears and all you have to do is click on confirm my cancellation request.

The measure is aimed at individuals, on one condition: "The contract was concluded electronically or in an agency, provided that at the time it is terminated, the insurer opens the possibility of subscribing to some of its contracts electronically," explains Dimitri Coudreau, a lawyer specializing in insurance at the microphone of Europe 1.

Be careful not to go too fast

Bercy wants to protect the purchasing power of the French by allowing them to choose the most advantageous offer. But terminating your contract in three clicks is not without risk, says Michel Fréchet, president of the General Confederation of Housing. "

"On smartphones as on computers, everything is fast. So sometimes, the user does not necessarily look and misses essential things, "such as having taken out another insurance that takes over from the guarantee, he warns. On this point, the interface will have to remind the insured of the conditions for terminating his contract.